How GOP Rhetoric Plays With Latinos in General Election

How GOP Rhetoric Plays With Latinos in General Election November 17, 2011

President Obama spoke to a group of Latino journalists last week and suggested — quite correctly — that much of the rhetoric used by Republican candidates during their debates would be used to help his case with that community during the general election:

President Obama says he is confident in his ability to win over Latino voters before next year’s elections, thanks to some added help from his Republican opponents.

During a roundtable with Hispanic media in the White House’s Roosevelt Room, Obama outlined his strategy for winning over a Latino electorate that remains supportive of him, but less enthusiastically so than in 2008. The president said he’ll contrast his record with those of the Republican candidates on hot-button issues ranging from immigration, to the economy and healthcare.

Many political observers believe that drawing a sharp contrast with Republicans will require Obama to go negative, but the president said he won’t have to use too harsh a tone to accomplish that.

“I don’t think it requires us to go negative in the sense of us running a bunch of ads that are false, or character assassinations,” Obama said. “It will be based on facts … We may just run clips of the Republican debates verbatim. We won’t even comment on them, we’ll just run those in a loop on Univision and Telemundo, and people can make up their own minds.”

I’m sure this is all part of his evil plan to let those Muslim Mexicans take over the country and let the Chinese troops massing on the Texas border overrun our defenses. Or something.

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