Won’t Someone Think of the Ignorant?

Won’t Someone Think of the Ignorant? November 17, 2011

Came across this amusing statement in Chuck Norris’ latest column, in which he bashes the mainstream media for its alleged liberal bias and expresses his concern about the effect this might have on those who aren’t as well-informed and capable of seeing through it as he is:

Like many of you, my wife, Gena, and I are avid watchers of the local, national and global news. Though we have our own preferences, we try to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the big issues. But we feel for other hard-working people (including homemakers) who don’t have the time to read and research like we do. For quite some time, if I have wanted to obtain the “complete news,” I often have to go to multiple sources.

Chuck Norris is concerned about those who are less educated and informed than he is. So am I, mostly because those people actually get to vote. And sometimes he goes to both the Worldnutdaily and Bryan Fischer’s blog. And he listens to both kinds of music, country and western — but that’s just to help his music career:


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