Heathens Visit the Creation Museum

Heathens Visit the Creation Museum November 19, 2011

The tiny little creation museum in Strafford, Missouri was inundated with evil heathens Friday afternoon as the hordes from Skepticon descended on the place. I imagine the people who run the place gathering this morning for an extra prayer session, asking God to convert us all. Didn’t happen. Here’s the sign out front:

To be honest, it was pretty disappointing. It was literally one room with a few fossil casts strewn around and lots of creationist books and DVDs on sale. Here are some of the books:

And here’s an age-old lie about the coelecanth cribbed from creationist pamphlets:

Having a good time so far. Got to meet Les Lane, a guy I’ve been interacting with online for well over 10 years and never met in person. PZ is lurking around and I heard Jen McCreight and Greta Christina are here but I haven’t seen them yet. Debbie Goddard is making the rounds. And there’s supposed to be a performance by Jamie Kilstein, but it’s not on the schedule on the Skepticon website.

I’ve gotten a ton of comments from people who love FTB, and a few complaints that by putting all these great blogs together it’s pretty much eliminating their productivity at work. But we can’t help that we’re awesome.

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  • dingojack

    What no Triceratops for PZ to ride? How deflating!


  • I need a coelecanth beanie baby…

  • ManOutOfTime

    American Creationists: taking the “over” on P. T. Barnum’s sucker birthrate estimate.

  • dingojack

    Did PZ get to ride a Dunkleosteus at least? – Dingo

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Uh, do they have, like, coelecanths that vibrate?

  • Modusoperandi

    fredricmartin “I need a coelecanth beanie baby…”

    How about a plush one?

  • had3

    Only an intelligent designer(tm) could’ve created that coelecanth fossil in a perfectly rectangular piece of stone.

  • Given what one of the Creationists there said about genocide, according to PZ, I’m glad this didn’t end up as a blood bath consecrated to William Lane Craig.

  • …and of course I went to Skepticon last year but decided to skip it this year. Figures! Hope it’s a great time.

  • I can attest to losing productivity at work due to FtB. And thanks for adding new bloggers every few weeks… sigh

  • The funny thing about the coelacanth thing is that not only is it wrong (a forgiveable mistake given the rather vague public perception about the fish), but the “created after their kind” thing is both a tautology (because it’s obvious) and a nonsequitur (because it doesn’t prove anything at all).

  • peterh

    @ #5:

    Be careful; I feel those fins might be mighty spiny!

  • Sastra

    If it’s supposed to be a “Creation Experience Museum” then did anyone experience an actual act of special creation?

    I suppose the docents could just keep flicking backlit photographs of animals on and off. No tiger — there’s a tiger! Just like it must have been on Day 6!

  • morejello

    Is it just me, or does it look like the T-rex on the sign is smiling in that predatory way that used car dealers do?

  • Modusoperandi

    It’s just you. T-rexs don’t sell used cars. They work for investment banks, mostly. Also, Scientology.

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