Bryan Fischer Misunderstands His Award

Bryan Fischer Misunderstands His Award November 20, 2011

Bryan Fischer mentioned my Bryan Fischer Award on his radio show on Friday, but clearly misunderstands the point of the award even though I’ve explained it in some detail. On his show he said:

Some guy on the left, some winger on the left, has named an award after me. And he is now recruiting nominees, suggesting nominees for the Bryan Fischer award. This is for people who he thinks are such right wing nutjobs that they’re out in cuckoo land. So he’s named an award after me. His first nominee was Pat Buchanan, I had him on the program about a week ago talking about his brand new book about suicide in America, how we are committing cultural suicide through immigration policies, through secular sharia and the banishment of the acknowledgment of God from the public square. He was the first nominee and now David Barton has been nominated for the Bryan Fischer award. “If there is a chutzpah hall of fame, David Barton must be a first ballot inductee.” So apparently this is a chutzpah hall of fame award named after yours truly.

You’re getting warmer, Bryan. The award is named after you not for being a right wing nutjob — though you are one — but for the fact that you are utterly immune to your own irony. The award is given to those who, like you, show an extraordinary lack of self-awareness, accusing those you disagree with of engaging in the very behavior you display incessantly yourself.

Pat Buchanan got the nomination for criticizing ethnic nationalism, which is the very basis of the book you applaud him for. He is one of the nation’s foremost advocates of ethnic nationalism, for crying out loud. David Barton got the nomination for criticizing someone else for passing on a fake quote from the Founding Fathers when no one in the history of the nation has been responsible for passing on more such fake quotes than David Barton.

See, here’s the difference between David Barton and an intellectually honest person. I criticize him for passing along false quotes. I also criticized the atheist group in California for doing so. And I’ve criticized Christopher Hitchens for claiming that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were atheists, an absolutely ridiculous position given their voluminous writings on the subject.

And I’ve criticized other atheists and secularists (those aren’t necessarily the same thing, by the way — and I figure I’d better tell you that because you always seem to think that anyone you disagree with must all be wrong in precisely the same way and must be in league with one another) for taking John Adams’ famous “this would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it” line out of context (he was actually saying the exact opposite of that when read in context). That’s what an intellectually honest person does. It is not, of course, what people like you and David Barton do.

And on the very day that you mentioned the award, you got the nomination yourself for accusing others of being in favor of imposing Sharia law when your own authoritarian ideology is distinguishable only in degree — and maybe not even that — from the reactionary Muslim version of it. Like the reactionary Muslims, you justify authoritarian policies on the basis of your religion. Like the reactionary Muslims, you despise gay people and want to criminalize their lives. Like the reactionary Muslims, you think the government should endorse only your religion and that only your religion should be legally protected. And yet you accuse gay rights activists and secularists, the very people the reactionary Muslims would put to death first if they had power, of being just like the Taliban.

The lack of self-awareness, the psychological projection that you engage in on a daily basis, are so irrational, so utterly contrary to reality, that is is breathtaking to watch — but a lot of fun to mock. Thus, the award named after you. No need to thank me for the explanation.

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