Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Rick Perry

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Rick Perry November 21, 2011

Here’s another nominee for the chutzpah hall of fame. Rick Perry told Sean Hannity this week that President Obama has no insight into how unemployed people are suffering because he was a child of privilege. With a straight face.

“It reveals to me that he grew up in a privileged way,” Perry said of Obama when asked by host FOX News host Sean Hannity to comment on the president’s recent comment that American business interests have been “lazy” in their approach to the global economy. “He never had to really work for anything.”

“This president has never felt that angst that they have in their heart,” he added, referring to the nation’s 14 million unemployed. “And I think he’s always, when he has had problems, he’s always pointed to somebody else and said it’s their fault, not mine.”

Seriously? The child of a single mother and an immigrant father who abandoned them is growing up in a privileged way? And growing up white in Texas with a family that owned a un

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