Maggie Gallagher’s Thanksgiving Advice

Maggie Gallagher’s Thanksgiving Advice November 24, 2011

As you prepare to have Thanksgiving dinner today with your loved ones, Maggie Gallagher has some advice for the opponents of marriage equality on how to survive the gay onslaught at Grandma’s house. She’s put out a video on how to handle the issue if it comes up over pumpkin pie.

The video is a perfect mix of empty denialism and a faux persecution complex. Unlike those homo-fascists, she says, opponents of marriage equality “have no interest in shaming those who disagree with us; we understand that good people can disagree even on important moral issues.” Right. That’s why you accuse those who favor equality of trying to “destroy traditional marriage” and even civilization itself. Because you must never forget that those who are seeking to deny equal rights to gay and lesbian people are the real victims.


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