New Mexico SOS Reveals Her Own Fake Claims

New Mexico SOS Reveals Her Own Fake Claims November 27, 2011

Like most Republicans these days, New Mexico’s Secretary of State, Dianna Duran, likes to make wildly exaggerated claims about virtually non-existent voter fraud. Her own investigation found those claims to be false but she’s still accusing anyone who points out that fact of being motivated by partisanship.

New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran said earlier this year that her state had a “culture of corruption” and referred 64,000 voter registration records to police that she thought were possible cases of voter fraud. Now a new report from her office proves she was completely right, 0.0296875 percent of the time.

Duran’s interim report now alleges that 104 voters — about one for every 10,577 on the rolls — were illegally registered to vote. Of that group, just 19 — or approximately one for every 57,894 registered voters — actually allegedly cast a ballot they shouldn’t have…

“We are confident that some will say that ‘it’s only a few thousand,’ or they will vigorously disparage the findings, and assert their strong ‘belief’ that the findings are unimportant,” the report states. “Again, we have no issue with those kinds of talking points, assertions, or attitudes. We expect them from political and partisan interests. We are simply not in that game. Our duty is to the people of New Mexico, their Constitution and their laws; not to parties, candidates, lobbies, special interest groups or political action committees.”

The report concludes: “To those who say that vote fraud (if it does exist) is ‘insignificant,’ our answer is that no instance of vote fraud, or ineligible registration, or ineligible voting, is now, or ever will be ‘insignificant’ to this office. Every single vote cast by an ineligible voter cancels and invalidates a vote cast by a legal voter, and leaves that law-abiding citizen completely disenfranchised. It may also alter the outcome of an election. That is the sober reality of the electoral system. We will continue in our mission. Our Constitutional duty is clear.”

Riiiight. The fact that such arguments are always used to justify policies that disenfranchise thousands of times more people than have ever been found guilty of voter fraud in the entire nation’s history somehow doesn’t provoke such eloquence about her sober duty.

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