Fake Terrorist: Obama Wants Sharia Law

Fake Terrorist: Obama Wants Sharia Law November 30, 2011

We have a relatively new group here called Transformation Michigan, group of serious wingnuts like you wouldn’t believe. They were one of the groups that organized that prayer rally at Ford Field a few weeks ago and they’ve been going all over the state announcing a divorce decree between the United States and Baal. Yeah, we’re talking some serious crazy here. And Rachel Tabachnick at Talk2Action reports on a conference call they held recently that included Kalam Saleem, one of the many fake “ex-terrorists” that are making money by claiming to be experts on terrorism. Saleem says Obama wants Sharia law.

Saleem: Let’s reveal what Shariah law says. What we have to fear the most as American nation is Shariah law . Because, even our president, he want to bring about Shariah law. He celebrated Eid Al-Fitr, which is Ramadan in the White House. Therefore, he’s about to break down Article 6 which is the heart of the Constitution, which is separation of the church and the government. If he breaks this, the Shariah law will be supreme in America, will be equal to the American governing.

So, in 20 years America will be completely changing from a culture of liberty, pursuit of happiness, glory, and victory, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, to basically living under the hate crime bills and also we’ll have to abide in a law that will be equal to our Constitution, which will be Islamic law.

Kaleem is a fraud and a moron. First of all, Article 6 says there can be no religious test for office. And this is a conference call hosted by an organization that unabashedly seeks “dominion” over the government and the official establishment of Christianity. And by the way, Bush celebrated Ramadan in the White House too. He invited lots of prominent Muslim leaders to the White House, hosted dinners for the event and sent out official proclamations recognizing the history of Ramadan. But Saleem didn’t claim he wanted to impose Sharia law. Nor has he offered even a remotely plausible way in which Sharia could possibly be imposed in this country. He either has serious paranoid delusions or he is trafficking in fear to make money.

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