Kansas Tweeter Being Attacked by Fellow Students

Kansas Tweeter Being Attacked by Fellow Students November 30, 2011

The school administration backed down and Gov. Brownback apologized for getting Emma Sullivan in trouble for exercising her free speech rights, but some of her fellow students are being first-class assholes about the whole thing.

A Twitter hashtag set up against her contains numerous expletives, including one user, @PoundShop_Zoe, who calls her a “whore” multiple times. “When Emma Comes back she should be forced to go to north #HopeYourHappy… Whore,” he writes.

“Get Emma Sullivan out of East [Shawnee Mission East High School] please #teamkrawitz,” adds @megmms.

In fact, students have organized a rally Tuesday afternoon in support of her principal, Karl Krawitz, and in opposition to her, said Sullivan.

They grow good little misogynist fascists in Shawnee Mission, apparently. But evidently the principal has also been receiving threats, which is even worse. Humans baffle me sometimes.

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