TN Tea Party Calls Frank ‘Perverted Sodomite’

TN Tea Party Calls Frank ‘Perverted Sodomite’ December 5, 2011

Someone from the Tennessee Tea Party responded to news that Barney Frank was retiring by putting up a tweet that said, “Good riddance you perverted sodomite POS!!” The tweet has since been removed. The leader of the group says that while she agrees with that statement, she has nonetheless “dealt with” the person who did it.

In a post on the group’s Facebook page Monday night, Tami Kilmarx, who identifies herself as the TN Tea Party president, apologized for the tweet, and said it was posted without her knowledge: “While that does not exonerate me, as I am totally and completely responsible for anything produced by one of our staff or moderators, even still I am appalled by the language in the commentary preceding the article.”

She added: “While privately and inwardly I may agree with the commentary, it is completely irresponsible for any one of us to write these kinds of commentaries.”

“The individual who has written this commentary has been duly dealt with and we will attempt now to rebuild confidence that possibly could be lost by this irresponsible behavior. If anything, I have attempted to lead with complete integrity. I apologize for any offense caused by this irresponsibility,” Kilmarx wrote.

It’s a rare double not-pology. Not only does she not apologize for it, only “for any offense” it might have caused, she clearly agrees with it. It just wasn’t polite to say that in public, you see. So she’s sorry that they inadvertently revealed their ignorant bigotry to the world. A national Tea Party leader from Tennessee doesn’t fare any better:

Judson Phillips, head of Tea Party Nation, for his part called the tweet “totally uncalled for.”

“Comments like that do not help the conservative movement,” he told The Tennessean.

Really? How about all the incredibly crazy nonsense you spew on a weekly basis?

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  • doktorzoom

    The “apology” probably had more to do with the “POS” part of the tweet. Calling someone a perverted sodomite is just dandy, but even an abbreviation for “shit” is beyond the pale.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    Nonsense! Everyone knows that the Tea Party is nothing more than a group of libertarian-mind individuals soley concerned about the size of government and taxation. They are not the bigots or religious activists you find elsewhere!

    Any one who says otherwise is a n****r-loving, queer who will burn in Hell just like JEEZ-us said they would!

  • Reginald Selkirk

    The individual who has written this commentary has been duly dealt with

    They don’t even mention how large of a bonus that person received.

  • MikeMa

    Tennessee Tea Party always seemed mildly redundant.

    Once again the teabaggers provide object lessons on how not to behave.

  • First, Ed, just because someone didn’t apologize for what you want them to apologize for, does not make it a “not-pology.” This was a sincere-sounding apology for the choice of words, though not the belief, which is vile and stupid. It’s not a “not-pology.”

    And second, the fact that someone from the TENESSEE Tea Party felt the need to apologize for this tweet, is good news: it means they’re feeling the heat. That doesn’t mean we’ve won yet, but it does mean we CAN win.

  • Michael Heath

    So they discipline their tribal members when their tribal members reveal their true nature. In this case that would be hatred of a gay person based on certain biblical passages.

  • The “sin” of this teabagger was saying out loud* what is usually restricted to weekly Klavern meetings. It’s like New Hampshire House speaker William O’Brien, who said recently he didn’t think young people should vote because they tend to vote for Democrats. Yes, we all know this is what they believe, but it’s not to be said in mixed company.

    * My fundie/contard brother regularly calls Frank a sodomite. He also says that anyone who supports a Democrat is either a socialist, communist or fascist … depending on how many drinks he’s had.

  • MikeMa


    Family dinners are not to be missed at your place no doubt.

  • Phillip IV

    It’s a rare double not-pology.

    It’s the best she could do. In fact, without the “While privately and inwardly I may agree with the commentary” bit thrown in she would have been at serious risk of losing her position – in the eyes of the average Teabagger, it’s probably bad enough she apologized at all, but apologizing sincerely would have been way beyond the pale.

  • valhar2000

    As others have pointed out, it is an apology. It’s just tat she’s apologizing for the implied use of a swear word, and nothing else: she doesn’t see anything wrong with the rest of it.

  • And I’m sure in their minds Karl Rove is just an “eligible bachelor” and Rush Limbaugh is a shining example of hetero marriage — he loves it so much he’s done it four times! And at least one of his beards, um, wives, had a separate residence.

  • @Raging Bee:


    She basically went out and said “yes, I think Frank is a perverted sodomite as well, but I wouldn’t Tweet about it.” She’s a fucking bigot.

  • Aquaria

    And at least one of his beards, um, wives, had a separate residence.

    Can you blame her? Imagine living with that sociopath.

    Every pet peeve a woman could have–you can bet he does it. And does it gleefully. And then tells her it’s all her fault. And that she’s lying about him.

  • modeller

    “while … I may agree with the commentary … I have attempted to lead with complete integrity”. If you want to show integrity, start with consistency between your beliefs and your actions. Anything else and you are a lying toad.

  • dingojack

    Clearly, the TN Teabaggers aren’t against all sodomites, just perverted ones.

    They would hardly condemn, for example, a practice after which they named themselves, would they?

    😉 Dingo