A Badly Written Tribute to Pam Geller

A Badly Written Tribute to Pam Geller December 8, 2011

Scott Pollack, who calls himself the chief editor of something called the Critical Post, publishes a tribute to Pam Geller that is in dire need of an editor who actually knows the basic rules of grammar. It’s terribly written, the kind of thing that would get a failing grade in a high school English class. The content is also sub-moronic.

If you’re a drone-like mind from the hopelessly indoctrinated Democratic Party dogmatic liberal disciplines, or affectionately known as a socialist, get out of here. You are close-minded in our judgment. You have bad software in your brain, and we can’t do anything about that until you begin to entertain the error of your ways, as you continue to entertain, or parrot the misguided thoughts of those you have accepted as correct in their assumptions for teaching you bad life practices in your politics and economic lives. Our judgments about you is clear.

The good news for us is, we think your mindsets are in decline. Most of you live in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Those are your mindset strongholds, therefore your voter clout, rest only in those immediate territories. The rest of the country either mildly tolerates you, or is in complete opposition to your views. That’s a lot of land territory friends, take a look at the map.

Your leadership, which springs from post graduate degree, liberal feminist chauvinists, brought about by a usurpatious lawyer class, and the Edward Bernays school of PR, artfully used by all of America’s large corporations, as well as, the Rockefeller Foundation’s various think tank initiatives, and now adopted by a greed filled Bolshevik-minded, Hungarian by the name of Soros, sadly and ironically, a misguided Jew no less, and we all suffer by comparison to him…this leadership again…female or male, has no clue of Austrian economics, among other things, and therefore, the rest of the dogmas they preach, have no effect except that of degenerated natures and malevolent, commercial – political manifestations, which is what prevails, and only tenuously, presently, in the fabric of the American Collective Conscience.

Holy run-on sentences, Batman. I’d love to see someone attempt to diagram that last sentence/paragraph.

If you are an avowed liberal and you read on, the consuls here, hope most diligently that we seriously offend you. We know of no other way to coerce you to think differently than you presently do. It should likewise be obvious to you, your venom’s can have no effect on us here at The Critical Post – Chicago. We’ll never tolerate your dissent as valid, simply to get along. As an alternative media source, our liberty will remain unabridged, thank you very much.

He must have gotten a really big box full of commas at Sam’s Club, and some extra apostrophes too. And you have to love the pointless persecution complex. Is someone trying to prevent him from speaking his mind? Of course not.

Pamela Geller is a beautiful, (soul and otherwise) and glamorous siren songstress of reason in a sea of Muslim, as well as, liberal confounded argument. She’s the only woman in the American popular culture, doing what she does, that we have been able to find. There are those who consider her courageous stance against the Muslim counterculture currently gripping at the underbelly of the American fabric, as bigoted, unreasonable and far beyond the pale.

Pam has been a guest commentator and entertained by many in the media, right, left (tacitly at best) and center. She is an award winner on the conservative side of the political spectrum, has co-written two books expounding her views. However, some we fear, has been entertaining her as merely a curiosity, and we think that is a grave mistake. Not only is Pam fighting for her four girls, She is fighting for you and your children. She is fighting and sustaining unfair comparison by uncritical thinkers, who we think are in a funk of ignorant tolerance and it is these folks who are more a danger to the American Collective Conscience, than Muslims themselves could ever hope to be.

You knew the randomly capitalized words were coming, didn’t you? It’s almost a genetic marker at this point, one of the primary ways to identify a wingnut’s writing.

But there must be something to Pam’s initiatives. She continues to rack up bookings on the conservative side of the spectrum. Conservatives have long ago come to realize that “our” best salesman, Jesus, after all, was a Jew. A Rabbi at that, and such a good one, they wrote a whole new religion around him and the philosophy known as Good News for Mankind, or the New Testament. I know this book well enough. One of my greatest friends, whose family came to America in 1656 as Evangelicals, talks about it all the time. Reference the family name of Gould in American life, to get a clue there. Reference The Volunteers of America. You’ll find the Gould family right smack dab in the middle of that one. My friend is a direct descendant. His parents, G-d bless them, are retired missionaries.

Um. What the hell does any of that have to do with anything? What a weird stream of unconsciousness. It goes on and on like that in endless strings of terrible writing.

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