Romney Staffer: Lying In Ads is Fine

Romney Staffer: Lying In Ads is Fine December 9, 2011

I’m sure you remember the incredibly dishonest ad the Romney campaign put out a couple weeks ago quoting Obama as though he was saying something when he was actually quoting someone from the McCain campaign saying it. Well now one of his campaign operatives is justifying the deceit in the most appalling way imaginable:

“First of all, ads are propaganda by definition. We are in the persuasion business, the propaganda business…. Ads are agitprop…. Ads are about hyperbole, they are about editing. It’s ludicrous for them to say that an ad is taking something out of context…. All ads do that. They are manipulative pieces of persuasive art.”

I can see why the aide insisted on remaining anonymous after saying something that ridiculous and unethical. This should be tied around Romney’s neck from now on. If there is a single reporter covering his campaign or interviewing him with even a shred of professionalism left, they should be throwing this quote in Romney’s face at every opportunity and demanding that he repudiate it and pull the ad.

Besides, I happen to know who the aide is who said this. And he has sex with antelopes on a regular basis. And if he objects to me saying that, I will simply remind him that I’m just engaging in a “manipulative piece of persuasive art” and there’s nothing he can say about it.

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