Dumbass Quote of the Day

Dumbass Quote of the Day December 13, 2011

Glenn Beck had Michele Bachmann on his show the other day and together they bashed those evil parents who sent their 8 year old son to confront her about her anti-gay bigotry. And he wept about how terribly unfair it is that people call her a homophobe:

“This is a recurring theme with you. This is how they’re coming and they’re coming with children to attack you on this. This is the nuclear bomb in politics, accusing you of a homophobe or whatever. They’ll do this to anybody they want to destroy. How do you navigate in that kind of world where you’re being, I think, set up every time to look like a homophobe?”

Yeah, can you believe that people actually think Bachmann is a bigot? I mean, what could ever give you that idea? The fact that she opposes even the most basic legal protections for them? That she derides their desire for equality as seeking “special rights”? That she thinks they can just pray away the gay? That she thinks the “gay agenda” is going to destroy America? Gosh, I can’t imagine how anyone would ever get that idea.

As for the mother and her child, I think it’s a perfectly fair criticism to say that she shouldn’t use her son in that way. He’s right, of course, and it’s an important point to make, but he clearly wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing. I’d much rather have someone of an age where they can make that kind of decision for themselves, especially if you’re going to put them on display for the whole country. But that doesn’t change the validity of their position or the vileness of Bachmann’s position.

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