Mefferd’s Christian Relativism

Mefferd’s Christian Relativism December 13, 2011

We hear often from the Christian right that anyone who doesn’t adopt their authoritarian and often barbaric moral code is a “moral relativism.” But when backed to the metaphorical wall, they are the very first ones to reach for relativism as a defense of their positions. Janet Mefferd provides a perfect example when complaining that the Obama administration is now going to use aid to pressure other nations not to imprison or kill gay people.

Mefferd: Let’s get our priorities straight here, in other words, why are we even focusing on this? Other than the fact that you have African countries that have policies like Nigeria, criminalizing homosexuality, are they not a sovereign nation? Can’t they make up their own minds about these things? If they want to pass a law we’re going to play bully over this issue? I can understand countries where people are being flagrantly persecuted for their faith but this one; I don’t see that this is something that the United States has to jump in on because it’s such a huge global tragedy. It’s crazy. They’re saying it’s all homophobia in Nigeria, according to the law I guess in Nigeria not only is gay marriage a crime punishable by a fourteen year jail term but any person who registers, operates or participates in gay organizations faces a decade in jail, a clause that specifically targets the many active sexuality-rights advocacy groups in the country. Alright, but they’re not killing them are they? Are they going to go to jail?

What do you say about this? For another country to make the decision that anybody who violates a standard that they want to uphold in their society to go to jail, where do you draw the line on that? If you have a culture that had a lot of Christians who say we cannot as a society look upon homosexuality as a good thing for all of us, but in that case you’ve got to gather together the global community and bully them out of it.

But the U.S. uses diplomatic means and leverage to oppose the persecution of Christians around the world all the time. The State Department even puts out a report every year on the state of religious freedom in every nation in the world. When a Muslim country “makes the decision” that “anybody who violates a standard that they want to uphold in their society” should go to jail, we rightly protest such barbarism. But Mefferd doesn’t care about the human rights of gays and lesbians because she doesn’t see them as human at all.

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