WND Even More Craven Than Usual

WND Even More Craven Than Usual December 13, 2011

With the wingnuts freaking out over the Obama administration’s new policy on foreign policy and human rights for the LGBT community, you knew the Worldnutdaily was going to be all over the story. In an “exclusive” — how can a story be exclusive when everyone else is reporting on it too? — the put so much dishonest spin on the story that you could fuel the planet with the kinetic energy.

The Obama administration has announced it intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S.

Among the provisions is a specific call for the U.S. government to “enhance” its work to provide services to “LGBT refugees and asylum seekers.”

“Who knew when Reagan was talking about being a shining city on the hill the city would turn out to be Sodom,” said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, an Illinois organization active in revealing the truth of homosexuality.

Okay, that line made me laugh. LaBarbera is a vile bigot, but that’s at least clever within the confines of his insanity.

Specifically, his plan is to try to intervene in other nation’s where the homosexual lifestyle choice is at risk. That would happen through U.S. government’s agencies that would “strengthen existing efforts to effectively combat the criminalization by foreign governments of LGBT status or conduct and to expand efforts to combat discrimination, homophobia, and intolerance on the basis of LGBT status or conduct.”

Further, special access to the United States needs to be provided to any “LGBT” person, Obama explains.

“In order to improve protection for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers at all stages of displacement, the Departments of State and Homeland Security shall enhance their ongoing efforts to ensure that LGBT refugees and asylum seekers have equal access to protection and assistance,” Obama wrote.

Notice how they take a call for using asylum status to protect those who face persecution abroad — things like torture and stoning — as protecting “any LGBT person.” And being gay is a “lifestyle choice” — both of those words being absolutely idiotic and inaccurate. And I’m not going to mention the pointless apostrophe in “nation’s.” Nope, I’m not going to. Damn, I already did. Joseph Farah must have edited that one personally.

He explained that federal workers must be trained to help LGBT members in their desires.

Help them in their desires? Someone actually wrote that?

Those who have been involved in the confrontations over the demands for “rights” from homosexual and other groups in America said the move is extraordinarily inappropriate.

“America is not being a post-Christian nation. … We’re anti-Christian. We’re directly at war with Judeo-Christian ethics,” LaBarbera told WND. “Also [at war with] Muslims and the ethics in other countries. We’re turning human history on its head.”

The irony here is that the nations this new policy will affect are mostly Muslim nations, the kind that impose that evil Sharia law they keep ranting about. Which just goes to show, yet again, that the real problem the Christian right has with Sharia is that it goes under the wrong label. If you took the most barbaric form of Sharia law, put it in a bill and called it the Family Values Protection Act, not only would the wingnuts vote for it they would claim that failure to pass it is proof of anti-Christian bias.

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