Palins Pitch New Reality Show

Palins Pitch New Reality Show December 17, 2011

Sarah Palin clearly had no intention of joining the reality show that is the Republican presidential primary, but she’s still pitching ideas for them to the networks — and not having much luck. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Palin and Burnett are pitching another reality series, this one more focused on Palin’s husband Todd and his career as a championship snowmobile racer. But for now, TLC owner Discovery Communications has passed, say sources. And A&E Networks, which entered into a bidding war with Discovery for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, also is not interested.

So far, networks have balked at the steep asking price – Palin’s Alaska went for north of $1 million an episode and sources say Burnett and Palin are asking for a similar payday for the follow-up. Mark Burnett Productions did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Another obstacle is Palin’s waning status as a cultural lightning rod. The former Alaska governor, 47, burst onto the scene as the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate with a compelling personal storyline and outspoken conservatism that made her the darling of the right and a target of the left, helping her land a $1 million annual contract with Fox News.

But she has been largely under the radar since confirming that she would not seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, as press attention has shifted to frontrunners Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the rest. Says one network insider, “I think it’s safe to say her time has passed.”

In many ways, the Palins have become the perfect modern family. If Andy Warhol were alive today, he would amend his famous declaration to say that, in the future, everyone will have their own reality show. Maybe she should pitch a show called America’s Next Top Irrelevant Has-Been. Or maybe she can get a spot as one of Flava Flav’s “gold tooth diggers” (as Jeffrey Ross so eloquently called them.

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  • Michael Heath

    I’m not a reality TV fan having watched only a handful of episodes of a handful of shows; however I do know who Mark Burnett is given his success. At least when reality TV shows caught fire he was the man. If that’s still true I’m bemused that the Palin’s are failing to get a show in spite of having someone as successful at this format as Mr. Burnett as the producer promoting their show to media broadcasters. Perhaps Mr. Burnett’s been striking out lately?

  • Larry

    Given the human sewer that is “reality tv” these days, this show must be truly awful. On the other hand, I can see Discovery passing on it. They already have a show called Gold Rush.

  • That’s a good point. Given the shit that gets greenlighted in reality TV world, imagine how bad this show must be.

  • MikeMa

    Good and bad seem irrelevant where reality TV is concerned. They are all revolting, petty, pointless, or all of the above but many seem to ignite some spark of interest or desire in many.

    I imagine a reality show based in a homeless shelter wouldn’t get a green light either regardless of whether it was good or not. The real loss, as I see it, is Palin’s crap won’t earn enough. Palin, like the homeless shelter, won’t inspire audiences or sponsors.

  • dingojack

    I don’t about the homeless shelter idea not being inspiring for audiences.

    See here for one way to make the homeless & the disadvantaged very inspiring indeed.


  • Given the human sewer that is “reality tv” these days, this show must be truly awful.

    It’s not just the quality, though, it’s the price. If Palin was offering the show for $50,000 an episode instead of a million, then someone would probably buy it (most likely one of the small cable channels where an influx of 100,000 curious viewers would be a major success).

    So if Palin was willing to price herself realistically compared to what the reality show market would bear, she’d probably have no problem selling the show, but methinks that her hubris is likely to prevent that from happening.

  • MikeMa

    Great idea on the Choir. Don’t know about Aussie audiences Dingo but I fear in the US, the interest wouldn’t last. Once and done. Like Palin I hope.

  • Wasn’t it Sarah Palin who proved her rugged frontier acumen by shooting a caribou while being filmed… and missed the first six shots?

    Pardon my being off-topic but this question has been in the back of my mind, and since she is the subject of this post, this is as good a time as any to ask: why didn’t that caribou run away when the first shot was fired, as any wild animal would do? Was it tied down or pre-wounded?

    I would shudder to think that yet another ‘reality’ show concerning her family would go on the air, except that I don’t have a television.

  • jameshanley

    14 minutes and 39 second, 14 minutes and 40 seconds….

  • jameshanley

    Rev. Rodney,

    They weren’t that close to the caribou. If an animal isn’t familiar with the sound of a gun, they won’t necessarily run away when they hear one from a distance.

  • ambulocetacean

    Michael Heath #1, I’m pretty sure the problem is with Palin rather than with Burnett. Burnett could still get his own bowel movements televised if he wanted to.

    Alaska is all still flavour of the month on Discovery too, with garbage like Gold Rush Alaska and Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hillstranded.

    If the Palins aren’t getting back on Discovery it’s because Discovery thinks people won’t watch them.

    Given that Discovery/TLC viewers tune in week after week to watch bullshit documentaries about chupacabras and ghosts and reality series about fundie Mormon polygamists and wilfully reproductively incontinent Quiverfull freaks, that speaks fucking volumes.

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  • Michael Heath


    Hee, hee, hee. Schadenfreude, oh schadenfreude how I love thee, guiltily mostly but not when it comes to Ms. Palin’s career.