Mabus/Markuze Out and Back in Business

Mabus/Markuze Out and Back in Business December 18, 2011

It appears that the Montreal authorities have released Dennis Markuze / David Mabus and he is now back to his old tricks. Posting in an old forum under the same moniker he was always used, he made two new posts just recently (there all the way at the bottom). The first one says, “You can’t SILENCE THE TRUTH.” I haven’t seen any updates, but it appears he has been released. Anyone know anything more?

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  • Oh, good. It’s a Christmas miracle. 🙁

  • articulett


    That’s Mabus.

    I guess the Montreal Police better get ready for another influx of Mabus material being forwarded to them.

  • and he is now back to his old tricks.

    How so? Neither of those new comments contains a threat.

    It’s generally legal to be a troll.

  • dingojack

    love moderately ॐ – speaking from personal experience are we? 🙂

    But more seriously – I think Mabus is going to have to be a lot more careful. I’m willing to bet if he goes off the meds and gets threatening its gonna be a lot worse for him next time.


  • Cuttlefish

    Trying to remember where I heard it, but I heard it’s a conditional release, he’s due to see the judge in late January (if memory serves) for next check-in. No idea what the conditions of release were/are.

  • raven

    It’s generally legal to be a troll.


    As long as he doesn’t threaten to kill people or spam places with thousands of emails, he will be a free person.

    But it isn’t a good sign that he is restarting his former career as a troll. IIRC, when he was picked up, he was found to be suffering from the effects of substance abuse.

    Schizophrenics (which he may or may not be) tend to have short lifespans, 15 to 30 years less than average.

    Mentally ill die 25 years earlier, on average – – Similar

    3 May 2007 – People with serious mental illness die at age 51, on average, compared … They have illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression. …

  • Nice Ogress

    Are we certain it’s not just someone who thought it’d be funny to copycat him?

    Yes, it’s probably skeptimistic of me, but one hopes he won’t immediately slide back down into the crazy. That would be incredibly sad.

  • kemist

    Schizophrenics (which he may or may not be) tend to have short lifespans, 15 to 30 years less than average.

    He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder before his release.

    Somehow his kind of rant seemed familiar to me – the systematic, routine and obsessive way he made them. I have an aunt who suffers from bipolar disorder, and who turned herself in the emergency in the middle of a similar manic episode.

    She is now all right, in fact better since my uncle left her. She needs a routine, uncomplicated, calm life. I hope he can find the same peace.

    Are we certain it’s not just someone who thought it’d be funny to copycat him?

    If so it’s a pretty feeble joke.

  • timfarley

    As far as I know, he’s had two court appearances since he was arrested and sent away for evaluation in August. On September 22 the result of his evaluation was reported, I blogged about it at the time at the JREF’s blog. The diagnosis (we were told by one reporter in Montreal) was bipolar disorder exacerbated by substance abuse. He was ordered to get treatment for the substance abuse and re-appear in court on Dec 2.

    When the Dec. 2 date came and went, I sought out info from other reporters in Montreal, as the first one had moved on to other things. I was told by one that he had been conditionally released and is now set to re-appear in court on January 25. I am trying to verify this with others in Montreal, but the press up there seems largely uninterested in following up on the case.

    The question now is: what were the conditions of his conditional release? Did they include an internet ban? Or merely an order not to contact anyone who filed complaints? The prosecutor never notified those of us who complained (I am one, and I am in contact with the others) as to these conditions. I’m also a bit annoyed that we were given a courtesy notification of his release.

    I am following up on this, but since its the weekend it is naturally difficult to reach the police, prosecutor and so on. Look for an update on Monday.

    For anyone not familiar with the history of this case, see my blog post that recounts it all, posted on the day his arrest was announced.

  • F

    The first one says, “You can’t SILENCE THE TRUTH.”

    With a link to the Global Montreal article on his behavior and intended trip through the system.

    He was right for once, if merely obvious.

    I seriously hope he gets the help he needs.

  • Jeffrey G Johnson

    He’s probably violating bail conditions or parole conditions. These usually prevent offenders from associating with other criminals, they may prevent purchase or consumption of alcohol, and they often include provisions specific to the type of crime suspected or convicted.

    I’d be surprised if his release conditions did not provide some kind of explicit restrictions on posting on the Internet in such a fashion. He should be reported to the police for this.

  • eleusis

    Jeff: If there are any relevant conditions (aside from the standard stuff, like not using drugs or breaking any more laws), they would probably be to not make contact with any of the “seven victims”, and he hasn’t done that. Yet.

    Sometimes in computer crime cases, they can set a restriction on using computers, but that’s usually for hackers and such. The fact that he was posting his threats on the internet is really incidental to the crime(s) he allegedly committed, so I doubt he has restrictions on using computers or posting on the internet, although I could be wrong. Judges can vary a lot in what they make you do.

  • timfarley

    Correction to a typo my earlier comment, we were NOT given any kind of courtesy notification of his release.

  • Azkyroth

    How so? Neither of those new comments contains a threat.

    It’s generally legal to be a troll.

    On the other hand, harassment is generally illegal.

  • Azkyroth: there’s no harassment in his new posts.

  • jamessweet

    How so? Neither of those new comments contains a threat.

    It’s generally legal to be a troll.

    I was thinking the same thing. If Markuze is posting things like “You can’t silence the truth” in some random forum, that’s no worse than garden variety trolling, and I don’t care that much. It was the bizarreness, vitriol, and most importantly the sheer volume of his past ravings that was the problem.

    Hell, even if his new rants did contain the occasional “Look in the cornfield!”-style threat, it wouldn’t bother me that much as long as it was a normal troll amount of output. It was the repeated spamming of so very many blogs and twitter accounts that caused the problem.

  • Doug Little

    I wonder if it will be possible to actually converse with this guy once he is right with his medication. He seems to have a hard on for Atheists it would be somewhat interesting if we could find out why.

  • Draken

    Perhaps (almost certainly) I don’t understand psychiatry terribly well, but I thought bipolar disorder simply meant a jo-joing between states of outrageaous joie de vivre and deep depression. I’d expect sufferers of this disease to be communicative at least some of the time.

    But I’ve never seen Markuze engage in conversation of any kind, ever. He seems completely incapable of human interaction. Standard insults and copypasta seems to be all that comes out.

  • Azkyroth

    Azkyroth: there’s no harassment in his new posts.


  • timfarley

    I actually spoke with Markuze’s attorney this morning, and I got an informative voicemail from the detective in the case. Unfortunately my career intervened and I was busy all day with other things, I’ll follow up tomorrow and should have the details nailed down.

    When I have something solid to report I’ll probably post it over at, I’ll drop a breadcrumb here when that happens.

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