Klayman Lies About Obama

Klayman Lies About Obama December 21, 2011

Larry Klayman, aka the Worst Lawyer in America, declares in his latest column, “Obama is a traitor!” His evidence for that conclusion is, you will not find surprising, equal parts dishonest and crazy.

First there was his canceling the White House National Day of Prayer and instead feasting the Muslim holiday of Ramadan – using the latter as an occasion to to endorse the building of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City.

This is what happens when you get your news from breathless emails forwarded to you by ignorant wingnuts. Obama not only did not cancel the National Day of Prayer, his DOJ appealed a 2010 judge’s ruling striking down that event and convinced the appeals court to overturn it in April of this year. As for Ramadan, the White House has long held a dinner commemorating Ramadan and did so under George W. Bush for 8 years as well.

Then he refused to allow Jewish and Christian clergy to speak and give prayer at the 10th anniversary of September 11! He did this with the help of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who I believe is a self-hating Jew who also endorsed the mosque at Ground Zero and its terrorist-linked Imam Feisal Rauf.

Except Obama didn’t have anything to do with it. That was Bloomberg’s event and he is the one who decided not to have any religious leaders — not just Jewish or Christian — speak at the event. He also forbid political speeches, having each of the leaders read lines from a poem instead.

Then, and second, there was Obama’s disrespect and disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu, when BHO abruptly left a meeting in the White House to have dinner with Michelle Obama, his socialist and far-leftist wife. If this were not bad enough, Obama has done everything he can to harm Israel, the home of Jesus and Moses and our only ally in the Middle East. Notwithstanding the spirituality of the Holy Land is the simple fact that Israel safeguards the West’s oil supply. If this oil falls into the wrong hands, our economy – however bad it is – will tank and go right through the floor along with the rest of the free world.

WTF? Israel safeguards our oil supply? Israel is one of the few countries in the whole region that doesn’t have any oil. And when that supply has been threatened, we have sent our own military there to deal with it. The last thing our government would want is for Israel to get involved in a war in the Middle East, for crying out loud.

Third, Obama and his socialist if not communist comrades in the administration, coupled with anti- Christian and anti-Semitic atheists, undermined pro-American governments in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Now the Middle East, save for Israel, is controlled almost exclusively by radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, which not only want to destroy the Jewish state, kill all Jews and Christians eventually, but also take over the world with their inhuman brand of Shariah law. The Middle East now looks like a small version of the Roman empire, only the Romans are not in charge; radical Islam is.

Life on Planet Wingnuttia just gets weirder and weirder.

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