Another Loony Conspiracy Theory from Tea Party Nation

Another Loony Conspiracy Theory from Tea Party Nation December 22, 2011

Judson Phillips, head of the Tea Party Nation, continues his one-man crazy parade by promoting an article that pushes one of the craziest conspiracy theories you’ll ever hear. Did you know that Obama faked Bin Laden’s death and intentionally gave one of our drones to Iran? I didn’t either.

This incident with Iran getting one of our top secret military drones, has been puzzling me since it happened. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden, with no evidence shown to the American people. ( Personally, I think he’s been dead since around 2003, have seen no evidence otherwise, and think Obama staged the incident just so he could take credit. People prove they’re alive by showing up, and he hadn’t shown up in any way, in years. ) …

But we’ve been hearing reports recently, that socialists and gangs have been infiltrating our military now. So this leaves two very disturbing possibilities left.

One, that Obama passed down direct orders through a trusted chain of command, to land this drone in Iran, possibly sparking a war with Iran, and handing over our top secret military technology to them and their Russian and Chinese allies.

Or it may have been the act of a lone traitor who was operating the drone and decided to do this act on their own.

Both are very disturbing possibilities and should be investigated, but who will do that?

At least such an investigation should be called for – demanded.

I think an investigation of this person’s insanity is more important.

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