Arpaio Doesn’t Believe in Free Speech

Arpaio Doesn’t Believe in Free Speech December 23, 2011

The Department of Justice has concluded an investigation into civil rights violations by the office of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and found strong patterns of such violations, especially against Latinos. In response, Arpaio says he’s actually the victim of people who dare to criticize him.

Likewise, the sheriff denied unlawfully targeting critics for arrest during political protests. “We don’t go after anybody,” he said. “Actually, they go after me. They’re demonstrating in front of my building, calling me every kind of name. If you want to talk about civil-rights violations, what about that?”

No, you fascist creep. Protesting against you not only is not a violation of your civil rights, it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution that you clearly care nothing about. That statement alone should get him removed from office. He has been found many times to have used his department to harass those who criticize his conduct, something that should never be tolerated in any public official for any reason.

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  • dingojack

    My Italian is very rudimentary: Is ‘Arpaio’ some Campano slang term for:

    ‘is extremely concerned about having a truly minuscule penis’?


  • F

    Morons like this deserve nothing more than a cosmic “Duh”.

    How can you get away with being so stupid? How can you get away with being so illegal? It’s like there has never been any progress in this department since the dawn of human civilization.

  • He is all for freedom, justice and the american way.*

    *Not intend to be a factual statement.

  • shouldbeworking

    Arpaio is for freedom, justice and the American way, as long as he gets to define the terms and decide who is truly deserving.

  • “I am an ass and its all your fault” Arpaio

  • dono

    Dingojack is in the 1%…

    of people who can correctly spell “minuscule”!

    I get excited about some weird stuff.

  • anandine

    people who can correctly spell “minuscule”!

    It’s not tough if you know it comes from “minute” meaning “tiny.”

    (That’s also where the 1/60 hour “minute” comes from. Hours were first divided into minutae, little bits. Then, when they wanted a smaller piece of time, the minutae became minutae primariae(whatever the Latin ending was), or “main little pieces”, and seconds became minutae secondae, or secondary little pieces.)

  • d cwilson

    And in other news, most people over the age of ten don’t believe in Santa Claus.

  • The Christian Cynic

    Oh, for crying out loud, “miniscule” is an acceptable variant of the word. People who use the later variant are using a less common spelling, but it isn’t “incorrect.”

    To add to anandine’s little trivia, not only did minuta prima become the English “minute” and secunda minuta become second, but the minuere (v., “to make small”) root is also present in words like “diminish.”

  • MikeMa

    Arpaio diminishes our country by his very existence. While his inability to understand the constitution is important and telling, it marches side by side with his bigotry, hatred and (alleged) illegal acts against brown people.

  • Aquaria

    “We don’t go after anybody,” he said. “Actually, they go after me. They’re demonstrating in front of my building, calling me every kind of name. If you want to talk about civil-rights violations, what about that?”

    They’re allowed to do that, dumbass! Read the fucking First Amendment!

  • ArtK

    … and in other news, water continues to be wet.

  • dan4

    “We don’t go after anybody,” he said.

    I wonder if Arpaio is playing (Bill) Clintonian-style word games here, by using the present tense (“don’t”) to deny allegations of PAST behavior.

  • Pinky

    Time for fake news reporting:

    Reporter: “Sheriff Arpaio the Feds have accused you of enforcing law unequally in Maricopa County.”

    Arpaio: “Hey little lady, I’m always happy to talk with the media. Any pictures should be taken from the left side; my left profile is the studliest thing this side of the Mississippi.”

    Reporter: (Dryly) “Sheriff I’m sure your visage is …”

    Arpaio: (Interrupting) “What’s this ‘visage’ bullshit? Is that some kind of illegal immigrant talk?”

    Reporter: (Incredulously) “It means face or appearance. Sheriff about my question –

    are the Feds correct, have you been ignoring certain people in the enforcement of the law? “

    Arpaio: (Abashed) “Well…no. But if I did (tears start running down the sheriff’s face as he chokes out) it was those big meanies who say I’m not doing my job right.”

    At this point the interview had to stop because the reporter’s eyes had rolled up into her brain and she had to go for medical help.

  • dingojack



    /ˈmɪnəˌskyul, mɪˈnʌskyul/ [min-uh-skyool, mi-nuhs-kyool]


    1. very small.

    2. (of letters or writing) small; not capital.

    3. written in such letters ( opposed to majuscule).


    4. a minuscule letter.

    5. a small cursive script developed in the 7th century a.d. from the uncial, which it afterward superseded.


    1695–1705; < Latin minusculus smallish. See minus, -cule1

    Usage note:

    Minuscule, from Latin minus meaning “less,” has frequently come to be spelled miniscule, perhaps under the influence of the prefix mini- in the sense “of a small size.” Although this newer spelling is criticized by many, it occurs with such frequency in edited writing that some consider it a variant spelling rather than a misspelling.”

    You were saying?


  • MikeMa



    Oddly, neither of these failed my spellcheck. Although spellcheck does fail. Language is fluid and I am trying to keep up.

  • dingojack

    Isn’t English wonderful? You can spell both ways and still not be wrong. My kinda language.



    PS: Dono, my apols for misreading as “can’t spell”. Yes, Yes I truly am an idiot, thanks for asking. 🙁

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