Barton Lies. Film at 11.

Barton Lies. Film at 11. December 23, 2011

When Right Wing Watch puts up a video and says it contains “one of the most absurdly false statements we have ever seen Barton make,” it’s probably worth watching. Did you know that hate crime laws were designed to put pastors in prison? I didn’t either.


This is a flat-out lie. The federal hate crimes law is now two years old; not a single minister has been charged under it for anything, much less for preaching against homosexuality. If the law was designed to do that, why hasn’t it happened? Many states have had similar laws for far longer, and yet there isn’t a single case of this happening. He needs to read about the boy who cried wolf.

He’s also lying about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, claiming that if a church refuses to hire a gay youth minister they are violating the law. Churches are explicitly exempted both under that statute and under innumerable court rulings.

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