The Navy’s First Lesbian Kiss

The Navy’s First Lesbian Kiss December 23, 2011

There is a tradition in the U.S. Navy that when a ship returns home, they have a raffle among all the sailors on board to be the first one to kiss their partner when they get off the ship. And on the Oak Hill, the raffle was won by a lesbian soldier — who went and kissed her wife, who is also in the Navy. Here’s the video of a report on it:


As Charles Johnson noted, the bigots at Free Republic pretty much lost their minds over it. A few of the comments:

Awwww….isn’t that just precious?

(sickening sarcasm)

So it begins the total down hill turn for our nation and its military, glad I am out!

I could just vomit.

#1 – Women don’t belong on combatant vessels.

#2 – Queer women don’t belong in the Navy.

*sigh* The world has passed me by.

Yep, it has. Get used to it.

Farm animals can’t be far behind.

Those were women???

By definition they are defective. So, trying to figure out why the do things may be fruitless.

No, they were two fat pigs that no man ever wanted.

Yeah, I’m sure our enemies are REAAAALL scared of our military.

What a joke…

Thank you ASSociated Press~!

We needed to know how special these freaks are, and you reminded us

Ok, well the US military it is no longer.

I’m, just going to go ahead and call it the US fagitary.

Nice going, president Ohomo.

And the FAGGOT LOVING “AP” Make sure to cover these 2 WORTHLESS BITCHES!

Stay classy, Free Republic.

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