Randall Terry Gets Glitterbombed

Randall Terry Gets Glitterbombed December 24, 2011

Randall Terry is one of the many people running for president that almost no one pays attention to because they’re so far out on the fringe. Yes, worse than most of the Republican candidates, which hardly seems possible. At a debate between a bunch of those candidates in New Hampshire on Monday, one of those candidates — a man named Vermin Supreme — glitterbombed Terry to “turn him gay.”


Bet Terry wishes that guy had been aborted.

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  • Ouabache

    Why does that man have a boot on his head?

  • Mr Ed


    The boot is the traditional head wear of the GOP front runner.

  • frankb

    He is a member of the very silly party.

  • jonrowe

    Not sure if you caught it, but, tragically, Terry’s gay son Jamiel died in a car accident at 31.

  • cainch

    It’s the Talking Boot: you put it on when it’s you’re turn to speak.

  • And thus ended the Not a Fucking Chance in Hell of Winning Party debate.

    What are they trying to do, make Bachmann look not-crazy by comparison?

  • quagmire

    So, did it work?

  • Randall Terry can’t be turned gay. After divorcing his first wife and getting remarried, he turned Catholic. (Hey, turning Catholic worked for Newt and washed all his philandering sins away!) And we all know that you can’t be Catholic and gay. Right?

    P.S.: As far as family is concerned, Terry disowned his son Jamiel when Jamiel came out as gay. Terry is infamously on the public record as endorsing intolerance.

  • Cuttlefish

    Mr. Ed–strange as it may seem, that was actually a Democratic Party debate. NH has a proud history of third-tier candidate debates; sometimes they make much more sense than the first-tier candidates. Randall Terry is running as a Democrat, which means that Vermin Supreme (the guy wearing the boot) is *not* the most unexpected and fringe-dwelling candidate there. Vermin Supreme has run on both the Republican and Democratic ballots in the past, and he’s a hoot.

  • marcn

    I was at the event — It was the “Lesser-Known Candidates forum” at St. Anselm’s College hosted by New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Political Library.

    It included 10 Republicans and 7 Democratic candidates all of whom will be on the NH Presidential Primary ballot. The biggest hurdle to getting on the ballot is paying the $1000 filing fee. No signatures or approval from the parties is required.

    Vermin Supreme and Randall Terry are both running as Democrats this year. Thanks to alphabetical seating Mr. Supreme and Mr Terry were right next to each other which gives great visuals like this: Vermin & Randall.

    I’ve blogged about the event and have released all my photos from the event under a Creative Commons Attribution license — share and enjoy (but give me a photo credit!)

  • A hoot? Looks more like an ass to me. And yes, I have a white-hot burning hatred for Randall Terry above most people on the planet. It’s still stupid and obnoxious to “glitterbomb” him at a debate.

  • Cuttlefish

    Hoot, Ass, tomayto, tomahto…

    From the debate:

    Vermin Supreme, the perennial satirical candidate who runs on a platform of zombie preparedness and a pony for each American, came wearing about seven neckties and a giant boot over his head.

    “Strong teeth for a strong America,” said Supreme in his introduction. “My name is Vermin Supreme. I am a friendly fascist … A vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote completely thrown away.”

  • coryat

    Actually people that’s the sorting boot that Mr Supreme was wearing. Randall Terry got put into Slytherin.

  • Terry has a gay son that he disowned because homosexuality is an abomination before the Lord. Yet Terry appears to have forgiven his son and has been flouting the gay son’s “pro-life” beliefs. The message must be, it is not so bad being queer but if you are woman you have no rights at all, certainly no right to determine the fate of your own body.

  • dingojack

    Cuttlefish – So this dingbat is a hoot in boot?

    Paging Dr Suess, paging Dr Suess, Dr Suess to the white courtesy phone…

    🙂 Dingo

  • timberwoof


    I do wish that people who glitterbombed would do it properly. Don’t just dump the glitter. Purely nerdish analysis indicates that the correct way to glitterbomb is to take a small pinch between the fingers and eject it upwards so it makes a poofy cloud that settles gently and gaily on its intended target.

  • Who Knows?

    It’s still stupid and obnoxious to “glitterbomb” him at a debate.

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s helping either.

  • Randall Terry is a vile bit of scum. Whatever makes him look like a fool and an asshole is fine with me. Too bad about the adopted son, but fuck Mr. Terry.

  • yellowsubmarine

    I think it was both awesome and hilarious and also appropriately satirical to glitterbomb Mr. Terry at the debate. What’s wrong with clowns at the circus?

  • yellowsubmarine

    But I agree that Mr. Supreme’s glitterbombing technique could use some work.

  • N. Nescio

    Is there a link to the full debate?

  • dan4

    @17: Actually, the numbskull who did the “glitterbombing” of Mr. Terry was the one whose behavior “makes him look like a fool and an asshole.”

  • tripencrypt

    Ed, I’d like to nominate you for understatement of the year for this sentence

    Randall Terry is one of the many people running for president that almost no one pays attention to because they’re so far out on the fringe.

  • dan4, sad because you got missed?

    /me glitterbombs dan4

  • Chris from Europe


    If one of two people Terry, it’s safe to assume that he’s the asshole or the bigger one.

  • dan4

    @23: Huh? That isn’t proper English.

  • Chris from Europe


    But you understand it. There was no need for you to respond. And yes, my comment is missing an “is”.

  • And y’know, if Mr. Supreme really wanted that glitter to stick, he should have emptied a 10 qt bucket of fecal dirt on Mr. Terry, first. It would not make Terry more a shit than he already is.

    “Is there a link to the full debate?”


    Are you a masochist?

  • dan4

    @27: Democommie, classy as always.

  • People, please! Don’t make me bring out the glitter!

  • Chris from Europe

    Why does it bother you, Mr Rotter, when people say bad things about a murderous monster?

  • dan4

    @30: Randall Terry is “murderous?” Your posts used to be filled with intelligence and facts…now, you’re posting stuff that contains neither.

  • Chris from Europe

    You certainly know that I’m alluding to the machinations of his organization. Operation Rescue, of course, says that they are against the violence they encourage. Yet they employ people who conspired to bomb abortion clinics.