No Sense of Humor at Newsbusters

No Sense of Humor at Newsbusters December 25, 2011

Noel Sheppard, the associate editor of the conservative media site Newsbusters, seems to be having a difficult time distinguishing between humor and reality. After seeing the SNL sketch about Tim Tebow, he thinks they were using it to endorse Mitt Romney.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend predictably did a sketch mocking Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for his faith.

What might have been lost on viewers was a not-so subtle endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney when Jesus Christ – played by Jason Sudeikis – said at the skit’s close, “Mormonism – all true, every single word”

Uh. Right. That’s an endorsement. Because SNL viewers are so stupid that they would think the cast of the show is actually saying that Mormonism is true rather than making a joke about all the people who attack Romney’s religion while crying persecution whenever anyone attacks theirs. And then they’ll take that agreement with Mormonism as an endorsement of Romney (why not Huntsman? He’s Mormon too). And then they’ll go vote for Romney because of their interpretation of a freaking comedy sketch. Sometimes these people just leave me shaking my head.

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  • Nibi

    Are there even enough SNL viewers to have a nontrivial impact on the election?

  • WTF is it with JESUS? Last week, he left Timmy twistin’ in the wind (even though we now know it was so’s he could kill that rotten lefty, Vaclav Havel; that filthy atheist Hitchens and that GODLESS dictator, Kim All Sucky). Then, yesterday, he lets him get MARTYRED by the Buffaloon Bills, 40-14. FOUR FUCKING PICKS–I hate GOD and he wouldn’t fuck me like that…well, maybe he would, it’s beside the point.

    GOD doesn’t like ANY of those idiots. JESUS still has a seriously major, TRUE CROSS(tm) woody for St. Sarah, the Impalinator. It’s a little bit like that “Maverick” movie (not the McCain campaign crap, the one with James Garner, Mel Gibson and Jody Foster) where both Maverick’s, Sr. and Jr. are vying for the charms of Ms. Foster’s floozy congal character. In the end she’s usin’ both of ’em. Sounds about right.

    Did I amember to say, “Fuck Tim Tebow” in that screed? Nope, I forgot to do so, well, Fuck Tim Tebow.

  • Aquaria

    SNL is still around? Sheesh, it’s almost as old as me at this point.

  • Clearly Saturday Night Live is written by Mormons.

  • Artor

    Last time I watched SNL, Steve Martin was on it. No, that’s not right, I think I caught an episode with Eddie Murphy once.

  • dingojack

    News flash!

    Newsbusters evidently ‘thinks’ the Muppet Show is a documentary.


  • llewelly

    Great comedy is when ordinary comedy causes others to do comedic things in their confused efforts to advance beliefs which they hold with greatest sincerity.

  • naturalcynic


    Doncha know, it’s all part of God’s plan. Puff somebody up, then squash ’em.

  • I thought Hollywood was totally run by Marxists pretending to be True Blooded Americans(tm). Why would those evil leftists endorse Mormonism?

    Of course you can be sure there’s at least one personality in the ultraconservative nutzone who thinks the growth of Mormonism is somehow a plot by someone to undermine True Christianity.

  • Do they think South Park is pro Romney too? After all they said Mormonism was the only true faith there too.

  • dcsohl

    Really? We’re supposed to believe that the writers of SNL would endorse a Republican??

  • Do they think South Park is pro Romney too? After all they said Mormonism was the only true faith there too.

    Mainstream America has for many years now been run by a Secular Muslim Mormon alliance.

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