Robertson: Tebow Can Fix America’s Moral Compass

Robertson: Tebow Can Fix America’s Moral Compass December 25, 2011

Unrestrained lunatic Pat Robertson loves him some Tim Tebow. And he says that Tebow was put here by God to restore America’s moral compass. Apparently Jesus was too busy yesterday to keep him from throwing four interceptions though. Here’s the video:


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  • ‘Tis Himself, OM.

    Tebow is a mediocre professional quarterback who’ll be replaced as soon as Denver has a high enough draft pick to select a decent quarterback. His sole claim to fame is being an outspoken fundamentalist god-botherer.

  • flatlander100

    Well, Tis Himself, I’m not a particular fan of Mr. Tebow and his very public “Tebowing,” but he has won more than he’s lost, he’s taken Denver from a team going nowhere to one in the hunt for a playoff berth. That ain’t, as we used to say in the Brooklyn of my youth, chopped liver.

    All these predictions about what he will or won’t do seem pointless. He’ll either develop into a decent NFL QB or he won’t. Predictions don’t matter a damn. He’ll do it on the field or he won’t. That’s all, for his FB career, that matters. We have merely to await the outcome.

    As for Tebow the God Botherer, I didn’t notice much visible Tebowing yesterday as he tossed four interceptions in the second half. No public thanking of the Lord for his throwing the interceptions, saying he knew the interceptions were part of God’s plan for him this Sunday.

    Imagine that.

  • marcus

    “Where’s your sky-fairy now Tebow?” asks this Colorado resident.

  • marcus

    I’m hoping that this means Jebus will now get up off the fucking couch, turn off the TV, and make us some more goddamn snow! It’s almost like he doesn’t care whether or not I get to ski.

  • regexp

    Not to be too cynical but you just know Tebow is banging waitresses two at a time after every game. Its only a matter of time until some major “moral failing” is exposed.

  • scienceavenger

    Isn’t it time for the gods to call Pat home to join Oral and Jerry? Aside from alerting us to the dangers of the Christian Right when he placed in Iowa those many years ago, what has the man ever accomplished? Who can take seriously an evolution denier who looks like a chimp and has a habit of giggling after making assertions. It’s as if he can’t believe himself.

    As for football, let’s remember that it’s a team game with a roster of 50+ players, and a QB’s influence on a game is less than that of a hockey goalie and far below a baseball pitcher. One can give quarterbacks a chunk of the credit or blame for offensive production, but even there the influence of that one position is often greatly overstated. Trent Dilfer was on more super bowl winners than Dan Marino.

    As for Tebow, he’s clearly an inferior player right now. His mechanics are awful, his passer rating is in the toilet (75.9), and his team’s offense is producing a mediocre 16 points a game. I’ll give him props for passion, toughness and leadership, and being an old-school three-yards-in-a-cloud-of-dust guy, I like his style, but those will only take him so far. Once the league has a year of film, and an off season to study it, his weaknesses will get exploited, and barring great improvement he’ll crash to the ground next year. Just ask Rookie of the Year washout Vince Young.

    Sorry for the length of the post. Got an early start on the eggnog.

  • bahrfeldt

    Robertson, after 400 years of straightening us out, says we are viler than ever and this week insists he knows that Tim Tebow praying for sports glory is the answer. Robertson is the same hypocrite who claimed credit for praying a hurricane away from Virginia and into New York because there were no Christians there. To paraphrase St. Thomas Aquinas, if you think you know god, it ain’t the god you think you know. Pass the eggnog.

  • MikeMa

    Robertson is the epitome of a stopped clock. Almost always wrong about everything.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    flatlander100: he’s taken Denver from a team going nowhere to one in the hunt for a playoff berth.

    While Tebow does have some accomplishments, mostly at the level of collegiate athletics where he won many games and a Heisman trophy; I have to disagree about this particular claim. Denver has been winning some games, but these are more a credit to the defense than to Tebow’s performance. He is riding someone else’s pony.

  • Tobinius

    Shame on you Ed, “Robertson” and “Moral Compass” shouldn’t share the same page, let alone the same title.

  • And he says that Tebow was put here by God to restore America’s moral compass.

    So Robertson is admitting that he himself was not sent by God to restore America’s moral compass?

  • claudiasawyer

    Support #10forTebow and donate $10 for every Tebow score to a pro-choice organization.

    I choose: NNAF

  • I think I know the proble is. Timmeh was prayin’ for “divine intercession”, JESUS heard, “divin’ interception.”. But, hey JESUS loves oneathem teams.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    So Yahweh’s current plan is…

    1. Put Tim Tebow on Earth.

    2. ? ? ?

    3. Restore America’s moral compass.

    It makes perfect sense to me.

  • dingojack

    Akira MacKenzie – yes, but doesn’t the plan involve underpants*?



    * Magic or otherwise

  • …but he has won more than he’s lost, he’s taken Denver from a team going nowhere to one in the hunt for a playoff berth. That ain’t, as we used to say in the Brooklyn of my youth, chopped liver.

    To give the same response I always give when this comes up…

    The Broncos were winning primarily with awesome defense and big plays on special teams, plus a lot of luck (both in terms of their own good plays — the kicker nailing a 57 yarder for instance — and in terms of the other teams’ unfathomable screw-ups). Tebow deserves some credit for putting together last minute drives to win late in the 4th quarter or tie to go to OT (and then driving to FG range). But why is it that Denver was constantly clawing back from late-game deficits, especially when the opposition was held to so few points? Ironically, a better QB would have won those games handily and looked like less of a miracle worker.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to claim that Tebow doesn’t deserve credit, but given that I don’t believe in divine intervention, it was clear to me that the win streak was unsustainable. Sooner or later, your luck runs out. And it appeared to run out in a big way with the Bills. And unless Tebow genuinely improves, games like that will be the rule rather than the exception.

    I am so looking forward to this week, when Denver’s playoff chances hang in the balance in the upcoming Revenge of Kyle Orton. If Tebow blows it and Orton outperforms, I will officially declare the Tebow Experiment to have been a failure.

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