Michigan Community Bans Fluoride in Water

Michigan Community Bans Fluoride in Water December 28, 2011

A local Tea Party politician in Hartland Township, Michigan has managed to convince that township’s board of trustees to ban the addition of fluoride to area water supplies. Seriously, have I died and gone to the 1960s?

The Hartland Township Board of Trustees voted 5-2 Tuesday to immediately stop adding fluoride to its drinking water, joining an international movement that questions the additive’s dental benefits and warns of possible health dangers that range from making bones brittle to an increased cancer risk.

Fluoridation supporters countered the evidence was junk science or taken out of context while noting mainstream medical groups, ranging from the Michigan Department of Community Health and the American Cancer Society, support the practice. Some also say the move will give the township a reputation as a place swayed by conspiracy theories…

“We’re making the decision for other people,” said Trustee Glenn Harper while arguing to end fluoridation before the vote. “Our biggest complaint about Obamacare is that bureaucrats and politicians are going to be making medical decisions for us. Here’s a perfect example of where we’re doing that. We don’t need to do that.”

I can’t wait for him to mention the Chinese troops massing on the Mexican border and bring up Eisenhower’s communist views. If you’re gonna go all John Birch on us, you might as well go all the way.

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