WND Challenges Factcheck’s Non-Profit Status

WND Challenges Factcheck’s Non-Profit Status December 28, 2011

Jerome Corsi, Orly Taitz’ date to the Wingnuttia High School prom, promotes the loony theories of fellow birther Ron Polland, who has filed laughably idiotic challenges to the non-profit status of Factcheck.org because that site has rejected their favorite delusion that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim commie.

Researcher Ron Polland has launched Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service challenges against Factcheck.org, charging the media monitor has violated its tax-exempt legal status as a non-partisan organization by publishing and promoting a short-form birth certificate for Obama he contends was forged…

Polland’s complaint to the IRS reads in part:

In June 2008, the Annenberg Public Policy Center, D/B/A Annenberg Factcheck colluded with the Obama Campaign to create a false identity document for Barack Obama and to conduct a propaganda campaign to prevent Obama’s true identity and citizenship from being known. The document was allegedly a scan image of a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth. In August 2008, after people questioned its authenticity, Factcheck created a physical document using a printout of the same scan image and took photos of it. Factcheck used the photos along with a fraudulent examination of them to authenticate the same false identity document they created.

Polland asked the IRS to rescind Factcheck’s non-profit status, charging the principals at Factcheck are “leftwing political activists who campaigned for Obama and against McCain.”

Hilarious. Walter Annenberg, whose money funded Factcheck, was Nixon’s ambassador to Britain. And one of Ronald Reagan’s closest friends. His wife, Leonore, was an official in the Reagan State Department. They donated huge sums of money to Republican causes.

But even if that was not the case, it is patently absurd to claim that they have violated the IRS rules on tax exempt status by taking a position on an issue that happens to favor a Democratic president. If that was the standard, there would be no political non-profits at all. This complaint will receive all the attention it is due, which is none. I suspect it will be passed around the offices at the IRS and provoke a good deal of laughter.

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