Fundie: Atheists Die Sooner Than Christians

Fundie: Atheists Die Sooner Than Christians January 3, 2012

Keith Roberts, the ignorant and bigoted jerk who was taken to school on Twitter by Ricky Gervais, claims that atheists die younger than Christians do — with a total data set of two people.

Two of America’s most famous Atheists, George Carlin and Christopher Hitchens, both died prematurely and well below the National average, despite having access to the nation’s best health care and an abundance of wealth. Hitchens died at 62 (16 years below the Nat’l average), while Carlin died at 71 (7 years below the Nat’l average). Carlin and Hitchens both preached to their unGodly followers to “live life to the full because you only get one” and yet, they both fell short in that department.

I don’t think he understand the concept of an average. Then again, I don’t think he understands many concepts at all.

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