Badass Quote of the Day

Badass Quote of the Day January 4, 2012

From Hendrik Hertzberg, writing about the inevitable demise of the Newt Gingrich campaign and how Newt is likely to react to it when it happens:

A month ago, when it suddenly looked like Gingrich might actually have a path to the nomination, his mood grew mellow, his condescension grandly regal. Then came the well-financed tsunami of oppo that is washing him down the same water slide on which Bachmann and Cain went splash before him.

Newt does not respond well to nonrecognition of his world-historical destiny. His exit will not be pretty. He may act out. There is a certain wan dignity, though, in the fact that the “baggage” that is proving to be Newt’s undoing is not so much his rabbity love life or his lucrative, un-historian-like subprime lobbying as it is his past forays into unorthodox decency, such as recognizing that mass roundups and deportations of undocumented immigrants and their children is inhumane as well as impractical, acknowledging that global warming is a reality, not just a secular-socialist hoax designed to crush freedom, and (the latest news from five years ago) suggesting that medical care should be available to everybody—all hundred per cent, which necessarily includes even more of the undeserving, the improvident, and the ungodly than does the ninety-nine per cent.

He showed that in his stump speech after the caucus last night. He’s going to now unload on Romney. And it’s gonna be fun to watch.

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