Perry: I’d Reinvade Iraq

Perry: I’d Reinvade Iraq January 9, 2012

Rick Perry is trying desperately to find some way of making Republican voters like him. During one of the debates this weekend he actually claimed that he would reinvade Iraq immediately. Seriously.


This isn’t just a matter of changing our minds. The government of Iraq doesn’t want us there, the people of Iraq don’t want us there, which means this would actually be a whole new invasion of the country. On top of the first one that has already cost us so much. Is Iran’s influence going to increase? Absolutely. And it’s probably going to devolve into a civil war. But that was inevitable no matter when we pulled out, which is one reason why we should never have invaded. The only possible options, given the circumstances, were permanent occupation and a divided nation at war with one another. And permanent occupation should never be on the table.

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