Crank Up the Christian Hatred

Crank Up the Christian Hatred January 14, 2012

I’ve already mentioned that Jessica Ahlquist won her lawsuit over a mural with a prayer on it at her high school. Predictably, the hatred is pouring forth from many Christians — you know, the ones who claim to follow the guy who told his followers to turn the other cheek and love those that hurt them.

Like this asshole, who unleashed a torrent of misogyny and threats on her:

I raped an atheist

@jvezina022 hail Mary full of grace @jessicaahlquist is gonna get punched in the face

And this asshole:

Hey guys I fucking hate atheists too @RachelKnight @jvezina022

You know the world is coming to an end when people like @jessicaahlquist are teaming up with occupywallstreet to ruin our world. @jvezina022


When I take over the world I’m going to do a holocaust to all the atheists

@jessicaahlquist @notdante Dante her measly atheist ass can’t afford a lawyer and no public defender will even take that bitch seriously

I honestly think I’d rather be a Satan worshiper than an atheist…

And this one:

“@jvezina022: @jessicaahlquist I hope there’s lots of banners in hell when your rotting in there you atheist fuck #TeamJesus”

@DritaDavanzo hi me and @jvezina022 are being harassed by a bunch of atheist fucks. Can you take a wrench to their throats for us?

And then there’s this dumbass:

for the record, when you die you will NOT grow into a tree or some other bullshit athiests believe in

And it isn’t just on Twitter. The comments on the Providence Journal’s article about it are absolutely vile. Someone even published her home address, where she will undoubtedly be harassed — or worse. This is why I want to make a documentary about the plaintiffs in church/state cases and the bullying and often violence they almost always face from those loving Christians.

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