Staver Likes Diversity Elsewhere

Staver Likes Diversity Elsewhere January 20, 2012

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman and also the dean of the law school at the badly misnamed Liberty University, says he thinks college campuses should have more ideological diversity. In a OneNewsNow article, he says:

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel says it is common for conservatives and Christians to have a disadvantage on college campuses.

“Perhaps 90 to 95 percent of the people in college campuses or on law school campuses are registered Democrats, are avowed liberals,” he estimates. “They’re identified as liberal with regards to political views; and so conservatives — and certainly Christians, but obviously conservatives — are a distinct minority.”

He suggests college campuses should strive to avoid having the entire faculty dominated by just one ideology and instead encourage diverse viewpoints and ideas.

Right Wing Watch correctly responds:

In addition to being the head of Liberty Counsel, Staver is also Dean of the Liberty University Law School– a university that blocks access to critical newspapers, teaches Creationism and right-wing anti-abortionand anti-gay views as it instructs students how to ignore the law, all while refusing to allow the formation of a Democratic Club on campus “solely based upon the moral issues of abortion and marriage.”

If Staver really thinks that college campuses ought to encourage diverse viewpoints, maybe he ought to try instituting that policy on his own campus.


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  • coragyps

    And the banner ad atop my screen is for dear ol’ Liberty U’s 40th year of “Education with Value.” Which was true, I guess, if you needed a lawyering job under GWB’s administration.

  • hunter

    It’s interesting that he assumes “liberals” and “Christians” are mutually exclusive groups. Aside from the obvious fact that most liberals in this country are Christians (since the country is 80% Christian, after all), I would suspect that most Christian liberals follow Christ rather than Leviticus. Sort of leaves Staver out in the cold, doesn’t it?

  • DaveL

    Perhaps 90 to 95 percent of the people in college campuses or on law school campuses are registered Democrats, are avowed liberals,” he estimates.

    He estimates? Estimation is based off actual numbers sourced from the real world. People estimate construction costs based on the current cost of materials, labor rates, the cost of building previous similar structures, etc. What Staver is doing here looks suspiciously more like making it up.

  • Michael Heath

    I see Mr. Staver continues to enjoy to wiping his feces all over himself, and most regrettably, in public.

    A couple of days ago we were discussing how evangelical and fundamentalist Christian denominations predominately discriminate against females. For example, prohibiting them from leadership positions in the church, including both paid positions and teaching adult men in Sunday School classes. I was wondering whether this discrimination is also practiced in their so-called universities. “Liberty U.” didn’t let me down.

    Their Theological Seminary has zero female professors, while their support staff is almost entirely women:

    Here’s their “School” of Religion faculty: . Re the links found there for the various departments and my findings:

    No women profs in the Biblical Studies dept.

    None in Christian/Community Services dept.

    I found one female prof in the Church Ministries dept., who is a director of women’s ministries program, how every liberal of them.

    3 white dues in their so-called Intercultural Studies dept.

    No women in pastoral leadership dept.

    None in the theology dept.

    4 women in the worship and music studies program

    No women in the Online religious studies program

    And then we could get into the number of open GBLT profs at “Liberty” . . .

  • DaveL:

    He estimates?

    Well, to be fair, by “estimates” he means, “manufactures solely to fit his narrative of the persecution of Christians.”

    He uses language very precisely. Just not very accurately.

  • Larry

    So 95% of the people on campus are registered Democrats. That’s only because 100% of fundie GOPers think education is the devil’s music.

    See. I can make up statistic too.

  • jamesramsey

    Staver might comprehend it better this way:

    Matthew 7:3-4

    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

  • azportsider

    Larry @ #6: I suspect your made-up statistic is closer to accurate than Staver’s.

  • Abby Normal

    Who was it that was doing the conservative dictionary? Those were great posts. Well, in homage to him or her:

    Diversity (də-‘vər-sə-tē, dī-)


    1. The state or quality of being more conservative: Diversity is one of America’s greatest strengths.

    2. A word used by liberals to express white guilt


    3. Proof of the existence of a divine Creator

  • Aquaria

    I’m trying to figure out if he’s complaining about the Jewish professors or the atheist professors.

    But, given his proclivities, it’s probably the gay ones.

  • Zinc Avenger

    To anyone wondering about the misuse of the term “estimate”, remember that to them “educated” is a pejorative.

  • jjgdenisrobert

    Two phrases come to mind:

    1. Thou shalt not lie (in this case, about the ideological leanings of faculty). (Where oh where have I heard that phrase???)

    2. Diversity begins at home.

  • pHred

    Well, based on the numbers he is clearly complaining about the female professors. Obviously, if you are a woman and working as a professor, you must de facto be a flaming liberal. Otherwise you would be an at home baby factory or working in an appropriately submissive position. That’s logic, right?

  • sc_971a13ed081fe55ce520bf693fc9354a

    Conservatives just need to accept that no one likes being around them, because they are assholes. No sense of humor. No ability to think creatively or deal with people who are not of their own background. No wonder most universities shun them. Conservatism by definition is a state of mind, wherein, one rigidly adheres to whatever set of beliefs you happened to have grown up with. This is an insane worldview. Perhaps if universities could develop a new blood sport where conservative catholics and conservative protestants beat each other senseless, while the student body places bets on whose dogma is likely more correct then it might just be worth someone’s while to try to attract more of these sorts of people to the universities.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    I just happen to have on this very computer a 2010 database of all voters in the county which surrounds the main campus of the University of Florida.

    Most students live off-campus, but UF has its own zip code, so it’s easy to extract the ~10% residing in dorms. Of those, slightly less than half are registered as Democrats; a bit under a quarter are Republicans.

    This almost exactly matches the partisan profile of all local voters under the age of 26, fwiw.

  • John Hinkle


    Well, so much for my wife thinking I’m working from home. Laughing out loud = busted. Good one.

  • exdrone

    Staver wants conservatives to be able to go to any college or law school because he’s pissed that the ones they resort to are shitty ones … like Liberty U.

  • dan4

    It would be nice to turn around the argument on Staver and ask him to make a guess (oh, excuse me, an “estimation”) on how many non-Republicans and/or non-conservatives are present at “Liberty” University.

  • hunter

    exdrone: No, he wants all universities to be like Liberty U.