Matt Barber’s Delusions

Matt Barber’s Delusions January 23, 2012

There doesn’t seem to be any limit at all to how hysterical the rhetoric of anti-gay bigots like Matt Barber can get. Did you know that the whole goal of those who favor equality for gay people is to desecrate churches? I didn’t either. Right Wing Watch reports:

I have asserted for years now that this, again, has never been about equality, never been about tolerance, you hear the term “celebrate diversity.” The political strategy here, the legal strategy is – and even with the last vestige of the embracing of sexual morality, of biblical sexual morality, the church, even the military is gone now, so now the church is essentially left as defenders of sexual morality and opposing the contamination of our culture with this sexual sin, whether it’s homosexual sin, the embrace of adultery, fornication, whatever.

This has never been about celebrating diversity or equality; it’s about, yeah, you celebrate diversity, you affirm our demonstrably destructive, spiritually, physically, emotionally, our lifestyle, under penalty of law, or else. And that goes for you too, church. You either allow us desecrate your property with our counter-biblical, sinful civil union ceremony or we will see that you are sanctioned by the United States government.

Do you know of a single person, even the most radical of gay rights activists, who think churches should be forced to perform same-sex weddings? I don’t either. Neither does Barber. But that doesn’t stop him from spouting off about it anyway. It’s like they’re allergic to the truth.

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