Gary Cass Contradicts Himself

Gary Cass Contradicts Himself January 26, 2012

Gary Cass, the ridiculous leader of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, says that Romney must renounce Mormonism’s hostility toward Christianity. Mormonism is anti-Christian, you see, because it rejects the trinity. He writes:

Mega church Pastor Joel Osteen said Mormon Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is a believer in Christ just like him. But Mormonism has always been at odds with Christianity and openly denies the Trinity and the gospel of grace.

You know who else denied the trinity and the “gospel of grace”? Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin, the three principal authors of the Declaration of Independence. And yet on the same website, Cass rails against evil secularists who have pushed the nation to abandon the Christian faith expressed in that very document.

The battle for the Constitution and its principles is raging in America. We are losing the battle for liberty because by and large as a nation we have abandoned the moral and philosophical underpinnings of the Constitution. These foundational principles are clearly enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and have been the guiding light to our nation from its founding through our greatest times of national turmoil…

The need for constitutionally separated, enumerated and limited governmental power is reflective of the prevailing Christian legal, anthropological and sociological truths in the Declaration.

When Mitt Romney denies the trinity, he’s obviously “at odds with Christianity.” When Jefferson, Adams and Franklin do the same, they are grounding their philosophy in Christian truths. Funny, that.

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