Badass Quote of the Day

Badass Quote of the Day January 28, 2012

Rod Dreher has the most perfect description of Mitt Romney I’ve ever heard:

After South Carolina, I think of Romney as the Canned Cranberry Sauce candidate: the appearance of substance, but made of jelly, and so recently glopped from the can I can still see the rings.

Brilliant. But what does South Carolina have to do with it? This was obvious years ago.

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  • MikeMa

    Romney has taken the ability to do or say anything to garner a vote to a whole new level. No candidate in my memory has so lacked an anchor on any position. Nothing is sacred to him except gaining power. That makes him possibly equal to Gingrich in danger to America.

    If a man has no true beliefs, he may do anything. This may be worse than a man who strongly believes in dictatorial rule. At least you know where the dictator stands.

  • whheydt

    Since we’re on the topic of Romney (even if it’s just pointing and laughing), it occurred to me the other day that I’d love to see him get asked a couple questions…

    What is his position on California’s Prop. 8?

    What is his position on the Mormon church’s efforts to get it passed, by spending money–which, given his donation level, amounts to spending *his* money–and then attempting to conceal that they’d done so?

    –W. H. Heydt

    Old Used Programmer

  • exdrone

    Romney – cranberry sauce? Okay, let’s see what else is on the Republican Thankgiving dinner menu:

    Cain – party crackers: Seems like a lot of fun but, once opened to close scrutiny, has a disappointing pay-off.

    Gingrich – mashed potatoes: A white, starchy substance that is served as a warm pile. A comfort food for some, but people tend to get their fill of it quickly. Has not changed in substance or presentation in years.

    Paul – stuffing: Intended to be a starch replacement, but is never more than an interesting alternative for some. Spices required to mask the fact that it is mostly white bread. Contains nuts.

    Santorum – gravy: A warm, brown liquid.

    Huntsman – vegetables: Potentially nutritious, but only taken politely and then left uneaten.

    Bachmann – pecan pie: A sweet dish that people looked forward to until getting filled up with the main course. Fundamentally full of nuts.

    Perry – turkey: No explanation required.

  • MikeMa


    Thanksgiving at your house in 2012. Excellent menu!

  • I envisioned Romney as more of a pre-cooked oatmeal mush. In other words, Mormon Oats.

    Other products on that unappetizing Republican shelf include Mr. Paul’s Fish Sticks, Michele-O and Fig Newts (which contain no fruits).

  • Michael Heath

    The primary argument Republicans used against John Kerry in 2004 was his supposed flip-flopping – on one issue, whether to go to war with Iraq in 2003 or not. And let’s also be clear, the context within 2004 was one where reasonable Republicans, which still existed at the time, conceded that the Bush presidency would never be perceived as successful and conservatives felt played by what they perceived as, ‘no true Scotsman’. IOW, “yeah – our guy’s mediocre, but your guy’s worse.”

    It now appears that Republicans will be advocating a candidate whose ‘flip-flopped’ his entire set of platform planks where even conservatives have the thinking skills necessary to acknowledge it corresponds exactly to what was politically convenient in all four electoral campaigns which define Mitt Romney’s candidacies. (A thinking capability I’m confident they’ll lose later in the year if it becomes a Romney v. Obama race.)

    Meanwhile, on the most critical issues facing our country, President Obama has been very consistent. So I expect some Democratic interest groups who campaign for the presidency to drill this point into the consciousness of voters once we see the general campaign portion of this race kick-in. Character does matter in all executive positions and one candidate has a distinct advantage.

  • Nepenthe


    I’m never going to be able to look at mashed potatoes and gravy without gagging again. Thanks a heap!