Badass Quote of the Day

Badass Quote of the Day January 30, 2012

As we are constantly being told that Newt Gingrich is a fountain of brilliant ideas, the true intellectual of the conservative movement, Ezra Klein reminds us of a hilarious line from Bob Dole about that myth.

When Gingrich was speaker of the House, Bob Dole was the Senate majority leader. And so Dole spent a lot of time listening to the speaker’s proposals. “Gingrich’s staff has these five file cabinets, four big ones and this little tiny one,” he told The New York Times. “Number one is ‘Newt’s ideas.’ Number two, ‘Newt’s ideas.’ Number three, number four, ‘Newt’s ideas.’ The little one is ‘Newt’s Good Ideas.’”

Someone has started a fake Twitter account to parody Newt’s penchant for crazy ideas. My favorite so far: “Change location on my eHarmony profile to Florida.”

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