Michigan Charter School Teaching Creationism?

Michigan Charter School Teaching Creationism? January 30, 2012

A friend of mine posted about this on Facebook, wondering if it’s legal. The Byron Center Charter School in the Grand Rapids area apparently thinks it can teach creationism in science classrooms. This is from the Google cache of its website last week:


Byron Center Charter School cannot promote a certain religion, it can however, teach both creation and evolution as a theory, and use the Bible as a historical reference.

No, you can’t teach creation. You’re a public charter school, funded by the state, and you have to follow the same rules as public schools, including the Supreme Court ruling in Edwards v Aguillard. I suspect their lawyer told them that, or someone tipped them off to it, because you’ll notice that they removed that language from their website this week. But I think it’s still worth finding out what materials they’re using in their science classrooms. I bet they’re using creationist material. Someone needs to file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out.

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