Another Wingnut Endorses Newt

Another Wingnut Endorses Newt January 31, 2012

Newt Gingrich has won the endorsement of yet another first class religious right whacko, this time the self-declared “apostle” Dutch Sheets, one of the leaders of the dominionist New Apostolic Reformation. Gingrich has named him vice-chair of his “faith leaders coalition.” And this guy is seriously nuts.

Sheets is an avowed dominionist and at a recent event, The Gathering Eagles, he said that while he doesn’t think “that we’re going to take over everything and rule the earth completely for the Lord…we’re supposed to try.” While holding up a gavel in one hand and the word ‘family’ in the other, he said that Christians have become weak by emphasizing the ‘family’ and are now “lazy sheep,” calling on Christians to become “kingdom warriors” for dominion…

Sheets and another major NAR figure, Chuck Pierce, also believe that their prayers during a tour of the country led to the capture of Saddam Hussein.

He also has called President Obama a “Muslim president” and said his election is bringing the judgment of God, saying, “God has now turned us over to our enemies for a season” …

According to Sheets, America is about to face divine punishment over the promotion of “homosexuality, abortion and socialism” and the “toleration of immorality and perversion”

But apparently he’s just fine with the “immorality and perversion” of a thrice-married adulterer.

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