Boykin Pulled From West Point Event

Boykin Pulled From West Point Event January 31, 2012

Got some great news from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Monday night. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin has withdrawn from the National Prayer Breakfast at West Point, likely under pressure from the Pentagon to do so. MRFF and VoteVets had been putting the heat on to make this happen, working on behalf of more than 100 cadets and faculty at the military academy.

And the vile hate mail started flowing in immediately. Mikey Weinstein received this email within a couple hours of the announcement:

From: e-mail address withheld

Date: January 30, 2012 7:09:37 PM MST

To: Information Weinstein


…you stop an American hero like Gerenal Boykin from praying with the West Point soldiers and your happy, jewboy? you wont be so happy when our Lord and Savior burns you and your little foundation in the Lake of fire for all time never ending will you? you will be fucked then jewboy. Jesus will have the last laugh on you and your homo commie MRFR villians. of course your a jewboy to do this to a real man and hero as the general Boykin. The general fought and won over Arabs. What have you ever done mickey jewboy fucker. Get ready for your eternity in hell. (name withheld)

And you’ll know they are Christians by their love, by their love.

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  • stevebowen

    by their love… and appaling grammar.

  • stevebowen

    Hmmm… divine intervention? “appalling”

  • I wonder what this guy thinks about Israel.

  • eigenperson

    I would question why the email address was withheld.

  • Who Knows?

    Matthew 22:36-40

    36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

  • anandine

    Wow, Jesus is a vindictive motherfucker. Who knew?

  • abear

    When he prays to Jesus does it start out “Hey, fuckin Jewboy! that art in heaven”?

  • I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t but help laugh at the epithet “Jewboy.” It’s just such a childish and unintimidating insult.

  • Mr Ed

    Point of order: you can’t use “jewboy” as an insult and then call on Jesus – an orthodox Jew.

  • Let me guess, TCC, it’s never been flung at you personally.

  • Michael Heath

    Is it safe to bet they talked Boykin into pulling out because the military didn’t want to reveal the reason they pulled him? Which I hope was because of his purposeful dishonesty, full stop.

  • Aquaria

    I probably shouldn’t, but I can’t but help laugh at the epithet “Jewboy.” It’s just such a childish and unintimidating insult.

    I can’t help but think of Kinky Friendman and the Texas Jewboys.

  • Funny that in the Alinsky thread someone was appalled that anyone could possibly think there could be a residual undercurrent of anti-Semitism on the right that makes Alinsky’s name especially suitable to serve in the role of all-purpose, evil other. This is like what, the thousandth time some Christian has called Weinstein, Jew-boy?

  • Aquaria

    Let me guess, TCC, it’s never been flung at you personally.

    Ask Kinky Friedman about that. Unless you think he isn’t Jewish.

  • Aquaria, that’s the difference: Friedman is Jewish, and he chose to reclaim the term. It’s not the same as an xtian finding it amusing.

  • I seriously just wish the nut bags would learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Seriously. It’s not *that* hard, is it?

  • eric

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: its emails like that that make me want to believe. Simply because if religion were true, I don’t think the author would be going to where he thinks he’ll be going.

  • kermit.

    Ms. Daisy C. – you understand that TCC is laughing at the letter writer, and not with him, yes? I do realize that folks can get conditioned responses to various insults – Weinstein has had his share of variants of this, I’m sure. But [address withheld] really does come across as pathetic (however disturbing and disagreeable he might also be).

    It is fortunate for me that I am not very emotionally expressive, for of the few times I have displayed public amusement I have often been castigated for laughing or snickering “inappropriately”. The path to amusement runs it course down private pathways, sometimes dark and murky, and it is dangerous to assume too much confidence in thinking one understands another’s responses. Or even one’s own.

  • timpayne

    Last week Ed had a post that really struck a chord in me, that the ironic use of scripture to illustrate religious hypocrisy was pedestrian, ineffective, and just plain boring. But here’s Ed, and others, doing exactly that. Makes me cringe, not unlike hearing someone cite human misery or nature’s cruelty as evidence against god’s existence.

  • geocatherder

    MRFF posts selected hate mail on its website, and it is amazing how many Christians use hateful terms based on Jewishness. What IS it with these people? Jewishness is a trait that I have only personally once been annoyed by (when I was part of a group of engineers under EXTREME pressure to meet a deadline, and the observant Jew among us refused to work on Saturday — and we NEEDED his expertise). I have since decided he was right, and values (even if they’re not my values) matter more than a company making a few extra bucks.

  • exdrone

    I’m continually surprised why someone who is sure about an adversary’s pending eternal damnation feels the need to send out taunts that are so anxious and seething. If you are hate-filled and certain, why not just sit back and relish the coming punishment? What’s with the red-faced fervour?

  • Pinky

    I agree with Exdrone on this one. I thought schadenfreude was a perk of Yahweh’s fun house.

    Thinking of the human condition; I find it odd that a subgroup of humanity, who has never personally been exposed to a group (for example the Jewish peoples) can develop this degree of hate.

    This is an example of a subgroup who are too deficient to think for themselves and are taught to hate by their elite. Of course it does not take very much to be considered elite by these yokels, the person who scores them moonshine is likely worshiped as a minor deity.

  • For some reason, reading this put an image from the Loony Tunes Robin Hood cartoon.

    Except instead of “Robin Hood” I see this oaf saying: “Don’t you worry, never fear, Jesus Christ will soon be here.”

    Another key difference is that whereas Errol Flynn showed up in the end of that cartoon, JC isn’t going to make a (re?)appearance.