Dana Loesch Brings the Crazy

Dana Loesch Brings the Crazy February 12, 2012

Wingnut Dana Loesch, who is a CNN contributor, spews some serious crazy in this clip from her radio show. Liberals, you see, are trying to “tear apart” the country, just like Nazi Germany and “mother Russia.” She makes this idiotic argument that because the Declaration of Independence says that individual rights are “endowed by their creator,” she trusts God to protect our rights rather than man.

This country is liberated by faith, and faith alone … It is a country that recognizes that the dominion of man, the dominion of man’s rights, are placed under the divine. Do you trust man? I don’t trust man at all. We are inherently selfish, sinful creatures. As much as I may like you and as close as we may be, I will never trust a single one of you more than I trust God, ever. And that’s what our founding fathers knew. And that’s why when this country was founded, our rights were placed under the control of the divine, not under control of man.

Okay Dana, can you find me a single verse in the Bible in support of religious or political liberty? Nope, you can’t. I can find lots and lots of verses against those concepts. You can’t find a single one in favor of them. Can you find a single example of a Christian government that respected religious or political liberty in the nearly 1800 years before our constitution was written? Nope, you can’t. Funny, that.

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