Muslims and Christians Team Up To Target Secularists

Muslims and Christians Team Up To Target Secularists February 16, 2012

Sayeeda Warsi, the co-chair of the Conservative Party in England and a “baroness,” has an absolutely deranged op-ed in the Telegraph where she says that Christianity should be more prominent in England and the rest of Europe and that Muslims and Christians should join forces to oppose secularism.

I will be arguing that to create a more just society, people need to feel stronger in their religious identities and more confident in their creeds. In practice this means individuals not diluting their faiths and nations not denying their religious heritages.

What world does she live in? The progress over the last couple hundred in creating more just, free and equal societies is largely the result of the diminishing of religious influence over governments. At nearly every turn and in every country, the most important advances in freedom and equality — ending slavery, giving women the right to vote, protecting the equal rights of racial, ethnic, sexual and, yes, religious minorities — have required overcoming the opposition of the dominant religious creeds and dogmas.

I will be arguing for Europe to become more confident and more comfortable in its Christianity. The point is this: the societies we live in, the cultures we have created, the values we hold and the things we fight for all stem from centuries of discussion, dissent and belief in Christianity.

The only word that belongs there is dissent. It is dissent from Christianity that allowed the values of liberal democracy to advance. In the entire history from the establishment of Christianity in ancient Rome to the late 18th century, there is not a single example of a government influenced primarily by Christianity having anything like religious or political freedom. And please provide an example of a Muslim-dominated government that protects freedom, justice and equality. Good luck. We’ll wait.

My fear today is that a militant secularisation is taking hold of our societies. We see it in any number of things: when signs of religion cannot be displayed or worn in government buildings; when states won’t fund faith schools; and where religion is sidelined, marginalised and downgraded in the public sphere.

It seems astonishing to me that those who wrote the European Constitution made no mention of God or Christianity. When I denounced this tendency two days before the Holy Father’s State Visit in September 2010, saying that government should “do God”, I received countless messages of support. The overwhelming message was: “At last someone has said it”.

That so many people felt moved to write showed just how uneasy they were at the rising tide of secularism.

For me, one of the most worrying aspects about this militant secularisation is that at its core and in its instincts it is deeply intolerant. It demonstrates similar traits to totalitarian regimes – denying people the right to a religious identity because they were frightened of the concept of multiple identities.

the fact that you have equally ignorant people who support your warped position does not support the truth of that position in the slightest. And the fact that this is all about meeting with the head of the Catholic Church, which for centuries was wedded with government to produce the very totalitarianism she claims is advocated by secularists shows just how unhinged she is.

When we look at the deep distrust between some communities today, there is no doubt that faith has a key role to play in bridging these divides. If people understand that accepting a person of another faith isn’t a threat to their own, they can unite in fighting bigotry and work together to create a more just world.

Ah yes. Muslims and Christians should unite to attack secularists, who are trying to create a totalitarian society, in the name of bridging divides and fighting bigotry. I’ll take contradictory bullshit for $1000, Alex.

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