Pastor: Atheists Don’t Deserve Rights

Pastor: Atheists Don’t Deserve Rights February 20, 2012

The Pasadena Sun had an article about the military’s “spiritual fitness” program that discriminates against atheists and most of the response was positive. But as Justin Griffith, who first raised the issue of that program, points out, one pastor went completely off the deep end and declared that atheists have no rights at all. Here’s a portion of what the pastor said:

If you believe you’re nothing but worm-food at death, you aren’t going to jump on a grenade to save the platoon, or charge a machine-gun nest expecting to meet Jesus. You’re going to be reserved, second-guessing, and probably be a big fat chicken…

Listen, all religions are protected by our laws, but atheists don’t countenance America’s documents that mention God. They don’t actually deserve rights that even bizarre religionists have.

Go read the whole thing on Justin’s blog and be appalled. Then feel free to contact the asshole and tell him what you think of him — with no threats whatsoever, please; don’t give them any excuse at all to dismiss you.

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