Public Response to Decision Not To Appeal Prayer Case

Public Response to Decision Not To Appeal Prayer Case February 21, 2012

The decision by the school board in Cranston, Rhode Island not to appeal the prayer mural ruling in Jessica Ahlquist’s case was greeted, predictably, by a fresh round of hateful stupidity from the residents of the area. Just take a look at the comments on the Providence Journal’s initial report on the decision, in just the first few hours. This one is particularly incoherent:

there are many persons of some type of faith in our society, who chose to exercise their beliefs. that banner did not stand for demeaning anyone elses beliefs, has been displayed for many years without controversy. and then comes along this 16 year old girl, who was prompted to take action, has no idea of what her future holds, and the ramifications of her actions. shames on those who pushed this girl to the front light, but she will be out of spotlight soon, her five minutes of fame will fade, but her actions will always be up front. hope she is well prepared, but i hope the parents of her, are prepared, as we have seen she has already been shunned by her own peers. has she gone back to school yet. if too hot in the kitchen get out. maybe that is best for jessica, and start over. but rest assured somewhere someday, when there is no-one else to turn to in her hour of need, hope or faith, to to help one of her sick children, her parents, anyone she loves for intervention, it will be Jesus she turns to, because he is our hooe for the future, and that includes eternity in heaven. he has proven not only anger, but his love towards a child of his, and when you go to him, his arms will be open and welcoming, but know this he will have to have a talk about your choices.

Remedial English is your friend.

It is all about the money..We will see her in church. Watch and see. How much money is she getting?

Isn’t it interesting how the people who claim to believe in the Bible, including that part about bearing false witness, can so casually lie like this?

This case will come to stand for something that has nothing to do with stripping all hints of religion from government.

This case is a demarcation.

This case stands for the recognition of the beginning of the period where RI’s longstanding fiscal corruption and irresponsibility began to clearly make bad law in RI.

Now that government has raised the white flag & cried “Uncle” so early in the process, the other sharks with the disingenuous, unharmed plaintiffs will smell the opportunity for unchallenged short-term financial bonanzas.

In the long run, however, even the sharks will start to go hungry because there warning letter will be heeded.

And then what? A warning letter from a shark will cost $200,000.

We won’t need judges or courts.

This case is just the beginning.

Okey dokey. no appeal..that is fine, given the financial issues n the city. IF folks wish o start their own “appeal fund”, I wonder if city officials would let them? Hmm…

Since the banner is part of the soried “history” of the school, it is actaully a “relic” which clearly has been part of the school’s history for decades now.

What does the school do with other such relics? You know, things such as Athletic banners, trophies, plaques? They generally go into beautiful display cases.

So, in keeping with the court decisions (whether you agree with the ruling or not), take the plaque down. Have it cleaned up for preservation and after that procedure (which should take at least two years)…display it with other school memorabelia.

Perhaps someone out there with awesome carpentry skills might like to add a new display for the historical relics of the school?

This way…it is in keeping with the court order…it is concealing it from eyes that are curently offended…and it is preserved as an honor to the former student who honorably participated in its creation!

Yeah, good luck with that one. We’ll just move it somewhere! Who would notice?

Marx, Stalin and Kruschev would be proud of this girl for protecting the ideology of the communist party. It’s too bad that a judge, who must have missed the part of law school dealing with the Constitution, ruled against the majority of the population for one single person. More evidence of the dumbing down of America and the destruction of the State of Rhode Island.

Yes, you are indeed more evidence of such dumbing down.

Martin Niemöller, a German pastor who opposed Adolph Hitler famously noted as saying

First they came for the communists,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.

More succinctly, this was stated by Edmund Burke “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

The school committee, all good people I’m sure, have caved in, contributing to the secular-progressive agenda to destroy religion in any form.

“And then they came for Jessica Ahlquist, and I cheered wildly.”

The atheist communist can gloat over the ACLUs big victory over a tiny little town on the verge of bankruptcy. But you have awaken the sleeping giant. If you think the anger will go away because of the votes of 5 Cranston cowards you are even dumber than your post let on. The actions of the ACLU or their useful idiots will never be forgotten.

It is sickening to hear you and the ACLU talk about the Constitution. When it does not serve your purpose it was written by evil white men. When it can be twisted to serve your purpose its freedom and liberty’s best chance

Thanks to your actions the citizens now know exactly what the ACLU is. You won a small battle with the help of a corrupt little hack judge in a corrupt little hack state enjoy. We will see who is laughing at the end.

I’ll be laughing. At you.

EVIL, aka the ACLU and the secular LIBERAL RADICALS, won this particular battle, but the same answer to GOD in the end – HE is the ULTIMATE JUDGE.

GOD (I know you LIBERALS hate HIM) bless America!

I can’t believe it took this long to get to the random capital letters, can you?

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