Jessica Ahlquist on CNN

Jessica Ahlquist on CNN February 25, 2012

Soledad O’Brien did a story about Jessica Ahlquist on CNN. Jessica shows once again a poise and thoughtfulness that is far beyond her years; I wish I’d been that composed at that age. They even show our Evil Little Thing t-shirt website, which is very cool.

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  • blorf

    you have to love the fact that, while lunatics a frothing at the mouth denouncing her, she can look up and see people labeling themselves as supporters…

  • blorf

    a = are *grumble*

  • Michael Heath

    Re Jessica Ahlquist advancing beyond faith due to her observation prayers were not answered:

    I’ve yet to see a compelling case which defends the biblical assertion that God answers prayers within the context presented in the Bible itself. That’s relative to the total lack of evidence such prayers are answered and consistent with what the Bible asserts.

    All the defenses I’ve seen are comical in their absurdity when we compare the unambiguous clear meaning of the passages in the Bible to what we observe personally and to what we’ve empirically observed. They rely totally on rhetorical fallacies which are wholly manufactured out of the imaginations of people biased towards desiring prayer to work.

    My observation of this as a teen-ager was a minor reason I abandoned faith, in spite of not being aware of the empirical findings on this topic. And at the time I really wanted prayer to work. It was an aspect of the major reason I left faith behind, that Christian faith is based on objectively false premises. I’m not even sure anyone was actually researching the efficacy of prayer in the 1970s or prior though I must admit I’m glad my own personal observations have subsequently been independently, empirically, and convincingly validated.

  • Craig Pennington

    @blorf I read the original as an archaic style verb — you know, froggy went a-courting, wingnuts went a-frothing.

  • mobius

    I’m with Craig. “Lunatics a frothing” made perfect sense to me.

  • vicvanity

    i wish i was that composed and reasonable Now

  • She’s so much better than the idiots gibbering at her; I really envy that kind of composure.

  • davroslives

    Damn. Often, when teens are interviewed they come across as, well, teens. They are very intelligent, principled people, but they have this wide-eyed sort of excited appearance sometimes, and they speak in pre-composed sentences (that is to say, obviously pre-composed sentences).

    Jessica came across as freaking amazing. To look at her, then look at the wild-eyed, red-faced shrieking from the other side must give a LOT of moderate christians pause. She’s very composed, well-spoken, and gives the appearance of speaking off-the-cuff, even if she isn’t (She shares this trait with Rhys Morgan, imho).

    Great interview, Jessica (though I would like to hear more about the no answer to prayer=loss of belief part of it… I happen to disagree with that line of thinking, but I’m sure it’s more nuanced than that).

  • sheila

    It’s quite something when a 16-year-old calls her state representative “immature” and the 16-year-old is absolutely right.