Santorum’s Weird Obsession With Your Sex Life

Santorum’s Weird Obsession With Your Sex Life February 27, 2012

The more people dig into statements made by Rick Santorum over the last few years, the more it is revealed just how warped the guy is. He seems absolutely obsessed with regulating your sex life, while projecting that obsession on everyone else. This is from a forum he took part in during 2008:

Woodstock is the great American orgy. This is who the Democratic Party has become. They have become the party of Woodstock. The prey upon our most basic primal lusts, and that’s sex. And the whole abortion culture, it’s not about life. It’s about sexual freedom. That’s what it’s about. Homosexuality. It’s about sexual freedom.

All of the things are about sexual freedom, and they hate to be called on them. They try to somehow or other tie this to the Founding Father’s vision of liberty, which is bizarre. It’s ridiculous…

It comes down to sex. That’s what it’s all about. It comes down to freedom, and it comes down to sex. If you have anything to with any of the sexual issues, and if you are on the wrong side of being able to do all of the sexual freedoms you want, you are a bad guy. And you’re dangerous because you are going to limit my freedom in an area that’s the most central to me. And that’s the way it’s looked at.

And that’s the way it should be looked at. Santorum is on record saying he wants to stamp out the use of birth control. He’s on record saying that the idea of privacy is what has undermined the country. How could it possibly not be true that he’s trying to limit the freedom of consenting adults to control their own most intimate relationships?

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