Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate a Forgery

Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate a Forgery March 6, 2012

Bluntly fascist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had a team of trained monkeys and mental patients investigating the Obama birth certificate and he announced last week that he now had “probable cause” to believe that the birth certificate released by the White House was a forgery. And it has the birthertards all giddy and excited. Judson Phillips, the utterly deranged leader of Tea Party Nation, thinks this will lead to arrests that will go right up the line to the president himself:

Sheriff Joe’s strategy here is great. First, he is going for the easiest target. Someone obviously forged the birth certificate. With a criminal investigation, he can go places the civil lawsuits did not and courts are going to be much more reluctant interfere with a criminal probe than a civil lawsuit.

The person who forged the document is the easiest target and as a matter of criminal law, a prosecution of him or her would be pretty easy. One of the basic rules of criminal prosecutions, when you have a multi defendant conspiracy is to pick the easiest target, build the case and flip them.

Once the defendant is flipped, the prosecutors and investigators just work their way up the chain.

Assuming all of this can be proven, the trail has to end at Barack Obama. He presented the birth certificate to the nation. He has to know at the very least the birth certificate is not real. Why would Barack Obama release a forged birth certificate?

There are only a couple of reasons for that. While it could be his idea of a giant practical joke, that does not seem likely. In the law, a person who hides, alters or conceals evidence, there is a presumption that evidence is adverse to them.

That makes a lot of sense. And the question remains, why would Obama agree to a forged birth certificate? He knew the media would protect him, but why do it unless there is something to the story that he was in fact not born in Hawaii?

Uh, Judson…no one is going to be arrested. Arpaio is engaged in nothing more than political theater because he knows that anyone he would actually accuse of breaking the law isn’t under his jurisdiction and he has no authority to arrest them. He’s a freaking county sheriff. He’s an even dumber version of Buford T. Justice. This is nothing but a cute little dog and pony show for the wingnuts.

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