Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: The John Birch Society

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: The John Birch Society March 6, 2012

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display weapons-grade projection, accusing others of their own worst traits and behavior. And you’re gonna love this one. The John Birch Society is calling another group of right wing crazies paranoid and whacky.

A note to right-wing extremists: When the John Birch Society (JBS) condemns your movement as a “fringe group” whose followers are “paranoid” “conspiracy theorists” who “occasionally go off the deep end … when confronted with reality,” it’s time for some serious soul-searching.

An article published yesterday in The New American, JBS’s magazine, used exactly those terms to describe the “sovereign citizens” movement, whose radically antigovernment adherents generally believe they don’t have to obey most laws or pay taxes. Outlining the movement’s basic principles and citing the 2010 slayings of two West Memphis, Ark., police officers by sovereign citizens during a routine traffic stop, the article warned that sovereigns have a “twisted and confused” perception of reality and should be avoided entirely.

I blame it on the fluoride in the water.

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  • daved

    Nah, it’s the chemtrails. The fluoride is just a distraction.

  • Gregory

    Crimeny, the Birchers are still around? And they are sounding SANE compared to other such groups?

    *Sigh* Clearly, I have been alive for too long.

  • Zugswang

    @Gregory, #2

    Birchers have been around for a while, and sadly, the second generation is far more influential now than their predecessors were in the ’50’s, when much of their positions were dismissed by politicians almost universally as completely indefensible.

  • Didaktylos

    “Ah, but I was so older then, I’m younger than that now.”

  • baal

    The “sovereign citizens” movement is a bunch of wackos.

  • jws1

    Would someone please tell the “new-agey” types that fluoride in the water is not some gov’t plot to pacify the populace?

  • jws1

    No that was the G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate.

    Remember? They tried it on Miranda, and that’s what caused the Reaverublicans.

  • jws1


  • d cwilson


    The Birchers never really went away. They’re just called mainstream republicans now.

  • jws1 Serenity reference. To balance what I take to be a Dr Strangelove one.

  • abb3w

    But what do the John Birch Society have to say about the Christian Dominionist movement? Though there’s some overlap, it’s not quite the same bowl of nuts as the Sovereign Citizen movement….

  • I must say, I am very surprised that the Birchers are criticizing the sovereign citizens’ movement rather than joining them. I can only guess that they’re afraid that a lack of paying taxes will hurt the military, which we need to fight communism. Er, terrorism.

  • dan4

    Veering off-topic, I know, but I wonder why the JBS magazine is called “The New American” (It used to be called American Opinion, but the title was changed, for some reason). It sounds more like a government pamphlet aimed at newly naturalized U.S. citizens.

  • evilDoug

    nuair bha mi og

    from some years back, The Chad Mitchell Trio

  • evilDoug

    lemme try that again (jeeze I hate HTML – it’s like programming in something three circle of hell down from assembly code, and not improved by an excess of Bombay Sapphire)

    when I was young

    The Chad Mitchell Trio sings the John Birch song

  • AS others have already noted, the JBS aren’t projecting, they’re dead right: the Sovereign Cop-Killers are indeed crazier than they are. The Birchnuts at least had the decency to support some form of government and laws to keep people in line and organize resistance to the evil commies. Today’s loony right aren’t even that sane. (Of course, back in the day it was safe for right-wingers to support the government, because it was still solidly dominated by a monolithic white conservative majority. That’s no longer true, which could account for the babyhish anarchism in today’s right-wing/Randroid movements.)