Fischer: Limbaugh Victim of ‘Secular Sharia’

Fischer: Limbaugh Victim of ‘Secular Sharia’ March 8, 2012

Bryan Fischer continues his brave battle with rationality by defending Rush Limbaugh’s vile attacks on Sandra Fluke, and by declaring that Limbaugh is the real victim here, a victim of “secular Sharia.” You knew that Rush’s nomination for martyrdom was inevitable, right?

As Fischer sees it, Limbaugh probably should not have called Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a “slut,” but only because the word is vulgar. Fischer explained that Fluke does in fact meet the textbook definition of “slut,” so much so that she has no shame about telling the US Congress and the entire nation “about how much promiscuous sex she and her classmates are having.”

Furthermore, the fact that Limbaugh has been forced to apologize for accurately calling Fluke a slut is proof that “secular fundamentalists” are just like “Islamic fundamentalists” because “leftists are pursuing their own caliphate in America with secular fundamentalism enshrined as their version of sharia law” for the purpose of destroying Christian morality.


Funny, but Fluke’s testimony didn’t say a single word about how much sex she was having, or with whom. Even if she was having sex only occasionally and only with her husband, her point would remain exactly the same. And of course, those who advocate the kind of strict Sharia law would be on Fischer’s side on this. Just like Fischer, they condemn women’s rights, religious freedom and sexual freedom and seek to punish any woman who doesn’t do as ordered. If anyone is like the advocates of Sharia, it is Fischer.

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