MRAs Make Limbaugh Seem Cuddly

MRAs Make Limbaugh Seem Cuddly March 9, 2012

Man Boobz links to a post by a guy named Chuck Rudd on his blog, Gucci Little Piggies, that makes Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke seem almost sweet and kind by comparison. Wait till you read this combination of moronic pseudo-science and bigotry. For example, did you know that long fingers make Fluke a lesbian?

But just for fun – and to those who believe in such things as biological markers of behavior and normal distributions of said markers – I want to point to Fluke’s 2d:4d ratio. I’ll use value-neutral language just for fun: people who have a longer ring finger (4d) than index finger (2d) have more testosterone and, some argue, a higher sex drive.

Granted, there is a gap between Fluke’s (non)ring finger and her middle finger, but it seems that her ring finger is quite a bit longer than her index. It’s almost as long as her middle finger. In general, a low 2d:4d ratio in women indicates a greater proclivity towards homosexuality or bisexuality and greater tendency towards aggressiveness and assertiveness. So, yeah, pirate fits.

Um. Okay. And about her being a slut:

I think the term “slut” is too arbitrary to have much meaning in a political context, especially when we don’t actually know anything about the so-called slut’s sexual history. It doesn’t fit Sandra Fluke anyway as we don’t know for sure that she’s heterosexual. This would explain why her performance at Nancy Pelosi’s circus tended to focus on the secondary health benefits of birth control pills.

Fluke is not a “slut”, nor is she a “good citizen” which is what President Obama called her in a press conference held today. Based upon readily observable behavior and on her beliefs about what she and her favorite groups have a right to grab from tax payers and employers, it’s best to call her what she is: a pirate.

As disgusting as that is, his readers are even worse.

forget the fingers… shes got strait up MAN HANDS. But look on the bright side, if she survives the up coming second dark ages, I’m sure she will do a fine job of pulling a plow…

She’ll be fat, unmarried and childless at 39. The perfect white citizen for Numerika…

she reminds me of a cape buffalo. a male cape buffalo…

She’s either a dyke or an absolute fuck machine…

As a fellow Cornellian, my guess is lesbian. Cornell has a decent les population.It also speaks more to a les to demand free birth control as a hand out from the government speaking on behalf of all women when she has no shot of getting pregnant. That’s just the thing lesbians like to do: consider their opinions the worldview of all “womyn”. At a minimum, she was a LUG. Her face and hair are so masculine, she could pass for a male supporting character in “All the President’s Men”…

This finger length analysis from candid photos is nonsense. There are too many knuckle-bends in all directions, combined with skewed camera position, to get an accurate measurement. There has to be some standard for this, such as hands pressed flat against a flat surface, with all fingers together, or each finger extending in a straight line from its source carpal (or metacarpal, whatever it is). Having said that, she looks like a fat, ugly cunt — which is what Rush should have called her, as it does not imply sluttiness…

Her higher testosterone is why she is confident enough to get up and speak in front of Congress and be at the center of a controversial issue. More feminine women would not want anything to do with it.

Gosh, I can’t imagine why anyone would think the attacks on Fluke are evidence of misogyny, can you?

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