Geller Triples Down on the Crazy

Geller Triples Down on the Crazy March 12, 2012

Wow. Just when you think Pam Geller can’t get any crazier or more repulsive, she does. And her readers are actually worse than she is. Now she says she’s tired of Sandra Fluke’s “Obama-endorsed vagina.” This nut makes Ann Coulter seem sane and reasonable by comparison.

I have had it up to here with Fluke’s vagina. Seriously. Clearly she’s a plant. I don’t have to exalt or honor women who debase and lower themselves to meat status. I will not honor this pig. I will not teach children to debase themselves. I will not teach children that this is “empowerment.”

I explain it to young girls this way. Go into any Wal-Mart or Target. There are hundreds of black handbags for sale in bins, hung on display walls, all cheap or moderately priced, and they can’t give them away.

Now go into Hermes. There is one black, gorgeous, impossible to get, crocodile Birkin bag. There are waiting lists for this bag. No one can get that bag. It costs a fortune and still everyone wants that bag.

Be that bag.

Okey dokey. As usual, the commenters manage to dig even deeper into the slime:

And why are people apologizing because this whore was called a “slut” again? Sandra fluke is the worst kind of whore: a leftist whore. She and her leftist whore agenda can go to hell, and so can all the hostile jackasses who bitch and moan to US about “civility” even as they say the most disgusting and vile things to us and about us. Fuck them. They can take their one way “civility” and SHOVE IT! …

This whole issue has been a cover for Obama’s sham islamists policies. While Pakis are killing themselves over burnt Koran’s and the President is apologizing and making a fool of himself on the world stage, the news media sees fit to blast this important information about how Limbaugh called this lady a slut.

Frankly I could care less about this lady.

Meanwhile the rest of the US is asleep at the wheel while Islamists are moving in and preparing to take control. (With an Islamist President at the helm already).

Yes, Obama is simultaneously an Islamist who is imposing Sharia law in America AND a radical feminist intent on helping women be sex-craved sluts. Neat trick.

Marxist skank is suppose to be the new refined liberated woman, her debauchery a kind of primal innocence.

I resent the destructive force of our nation’s young girls being exposed to this trash. These Marxist shills should be hunted to extinction.

Notice how the Marxist agitators always dial up a test case dummy/poster-whore to “raise awareness”, parrot their views and pretend to model the victimhood they pretend to want to prevent? Jane Roe, Anita Hill, the Herman Cain accusers, this skank . . . They know exactly what they’re doing.

Does anyone really believe this ugly bitch needs birth control? She needs to be deprogrammed and turned into a respectable patriotic woman. Short of that, she needs a lobotomy.

These people are fucking nuts.

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